Top 17 Must-Have Food Dishes In Summer

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Top 17 Must-have Food Dishes In Summer

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Summers is the most wonderful time of the year in the world. Great time off your workload, and time to spend with children around. While kids wait for the holidays, many pupils wish to meet their favorite delicacies around. Let’s take a snap at some healthy, lip-smacking, must-have food dishes in summer.

Top 17 Must-Have Food Dishes In Summer

1. Mango

Source: Medical News Today

The king awaiting its arrival, Mangoes are the highlight of this season. The juicy, sweet, and tangy mangoes often whisk your senses off. Whether as shakes, ice-creams or just like that, you would definitely adore it in each way.

2. Sol Kadi

Sol Kadi
Source: Pinterest

A Konkani kokum drink, Sol Kadi is a homely food for many people around. It is an easy way to beat the scorching heat and improve your system. It works as a magical antidote for acidity and replenishes your flavours.

3. Spicy Watermelon Soup

Spicy Watermelon Soup
Source: The Pepper Cook

A spicy fruit soup! An exemplary art of cooking would surprise you. Spicy watermelon soup deals with the sun above your head and the best summery crisp, chilled watermelon is necessary to require coolant. The dish tantalizes your taste buds and offers you a new recipe to look for.

4. Stuffed Lauki

Stuffed Lauki
Source: Archana’s Kitchen

While hearing the name of the bottle gourd makes your kids run a mile away, this dish would eventually bring a change. The blanched bottle is gourd marinated in lime and stuffed with cottage cheese and baked to show a beautiful, aromatic, and tasty dish to try this season.

5. Four Melon Salad With Canola Mint Chutney Pesto

Four Melon Salad With Canola Mint Chutney Pesto
Source: Salad Menu

Do you love to eat fruits? Try this colourful melon salad as a nutritious goodly pleasure with a drizzled sweet-sour dressing to suffice your quest for a good healthy salad. The melons keep you light, fresh, and happy too.

6. Jamun Mint Popsicles

Jamun Mint Popsicles

A tarty summer fruit, Jamun mint popsicles is a break from ice cream and also a new way to impress people. The pretty purple-hued popsicles create a nutritious, unique, and one of the must-try food items in summers.

7. Corn On The Cob

Corn On The Cob
Source: Pinterest

Glistening, sweet, and sour, corn on the cob is a snack worthy of its name. Nothing can beat the taste of buttery, grilled, warm corn. Take a big bite and relish its masaledar flavour till the next.

8. Coconut Water

Coconut Water
Source: Opera News

The clear liquid inside coconut surely helps you sustain the heat. A natural, fat-free drink rich in vitamins also referred to as the ‘dew from the heavens’ is a gift to sip in itself.

9. Mango Curry

 Mango Curry
Source: Del’s cooking twist

Mango is the love of the season, and if incorporated with other dishes, it totally wins the case. The easy vegan mango curry recipe with sweet, salty, spicy, and savoury notes tune in together as a velvety smooth texture and a heavy main course of the day.

10. Shikhanji

Source: WhiskAffair

A literal translation of nimbu paani and lemonade, summers surely bring tropical heat, and the solutions to deal with it. Nimbu Paani beats dehydration, flush out toxins, and aids digestion. A sip to refresh and relish your days of vacation!

11. Blueberries

Source: Things Health

Berries to your rescue, blueberries are perennial flowering plants with tangy sour blue or purple-coloured berries. It is a healthy munchy, incorporated in a variety of recipes to suit your summer holidays.

12. Yogurt

Source: Homesteading

Apart from overloading high-calorie snacks, a cup of yogurt works well as a protein, satisfying your growling tummy. The chilled, sweet-sour yogurt in your meals can surely be the must-have summer dish. As said, ‘You can’t buy happiness, but a frozen yogurt works as the same thing.’

13. Snowcones


An array of cool flavours and satisfying crunch describe snowcones the best way. Head to fairs or make it at home, it works both ways, providing you with a flavorful, delicious mood change this season. So this summer rule to ‘Keep Calm and Have a Snowcone’

14. Peach Iced Tea

Peach Iced Tea
Source: Love & Olive Oil

This season who wouldn’t start their morning with tea, and looking out for diversities of tea is obvious. So the very own peach iced tea, with a subtle hint of sweetness, fruity peach, and mint leaves work beautifully together.

15. Iced Café au Lait

Iced Café au Lait
Source: Nespresso

If summers can experience tea, then why not coffees? Iced Café au Lait layers Baridi blend cold brew over ice, freshly chilled milk, and foam is the creation of an icier version of the mundane normal coffee days.

16. Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi
Source: Bake with Shivesh

Whether as a starter or a main course, mango combines with dessert too, providing a sweet mango kulfi, which melts in your mouth. Every mango lover experiences heaven in its truest sense.

17. Ice cream

Ice cream
Source: Serious Eats

Summertime is ice cream time. The chilled refreshing scoops of ice cream can change your day. It’s a medicine not prescribed but can be devoured all day long.

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