26 Rajasthani Food Items You Must Try Out

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Rajasthani Food Items You Must Try Out


Rajasthan’s cuisine is influenced by its famous past and dry climate. Rajasthan’s illustrious history and arid climate have an impact on the cuisine there. Their cuisine stands out because of the scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables. Beans, lentils, gram flour, corn, barley, millet, bajra, bread, and dairy items are some examples of common foodstuffs (esp. Ghee). However, a variety of meat dishes also predominate. Vegetarian food 

26 Rajasthani Food Items You Must Try Out

1. Dal bati Churma

We don’t need to introduce you to this well-known Rajasthani meal. The combination of spicy daal and sweet churma, together with crispy, ghee-dipped batis, is known as the Dal Bati Churma, which is also synonymous with Rajasthan.

2. Mohan Thaal

The taste of this exquisite dessert will dazzle culinary enthusiasts. Mohan Thaal is a sweet delicacy made with besan and dry fruits that is exclusive to Rajasthan. The icing on the cake is the flavour and aroma of ghee!

3. Laal Maas

Laal maas, one of the most popular components of the non-vegetarian dish, gets its fiery red colour from red chillies. The beef is cooked in a spicy tomato, chilli, and hot spice sauce. The next time you visit this lively state, make sure you sample the spicy yet delicious food of Rajasthan.

4. Mawa Kachoris

Rajasthan cuisine must include the Mawa Kachoris from Jodhpur. Your mornings will be pleasant and ideal with the help of these hot, crispy kachoris filled with mawa.

5. Mirchi Badas

Mirchi badas are another delicious snack from Rajasthan and are the ideal addition to morning or evening tea. The scrumptiously tasty hot and spicy badas.

6. Mohan Maas

A perfectly prepared beef dish called Mohan maas is another regal item on the non-vegetarian table. Mohan maas is a rajwadi adaptation of non-vegetarian delicacies that is stuffed with dry fruits, boiled in milk and cream, and then finished with cardamom and cinnamon garnish.

7. Kalakand

The smooth and delectable Mawa dish known as kalakand is another Rajasthani landmark. The Kalakand from Alwar is a traditional sweet dish that stands out as a delightful treat.

8. Pyaaz Ki Kachoris

Pyaaz ki kachoris, a popular breakfast treat from Rajasthan, are delicious kachoris packed with onions, spices, and topped with chutney and dahi.

9. Gatte

Rajasthan boasts a variety of Gatte recipes, and traditional Rajasthani meal plates are nearly never complete without them. Masala gatte or Shahi gatte is a spicy gravy poured over gatte. During special occasions, gattes are used in place of vegetables to make gattes pulao, which is then served with mangodi ki daal or kadhi.

10. Kadhi

The most popular but diverse Indian preparation is kadhi. Rajasthani kadhi, which is typically made using besan and pakodis, is much spicier and mouthwatering. The most well-known dish from Rajasthan is this.

11. Jaljeera

A tart beverage only found on the Rajasthani food platter is called jaljeera. You only need the delicious chatpata Jaljeera to satisfy your hunger!

12. Masala Chhach

Buttermilk, or chhach, is an essential component in Rajasthani cuisine. In the state’s desert climate and severe weather, chhach is a need. A delightful beverage known as masala chai is typically consumed with or after breakfasts and meals. The beverage is also a meal on its own and is ideal for hot summer days.

13. Bajra Ki Raab

An interesting recipe that is another healthy choice for vegans out there . The dish is very beneficial for persons with a bad cold and for those who have a poor appetite. This meal, which is made with bajra, ghee, warm ginger juice, and jaggery, is similarly high in iron and magnesium.

14. Ghevar

Numerous sweethearts’ eyes light up at the mention of Ghevar. Those with a sweet tooth will be in love with this crunchy delicacy. Ghevar, which comes in a variety of shapes and forms, is properly referred to as one of the top dishes in Rajasthani cuisine.

15. Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa, a delectable meal that is popular in Rajasthan throughout the winter, frequently appears on the menus for royal wedding festivities. Moong dal is used to make Moong ki Daal ka Halwa, which is then topped with luscious dry fruits. In every bite, the savory flavor is detectable.

16. Malpuas

Malpuas are yet another traditional Rajasthani dish. This mouthwatering delicacy is made with flour, milk, khoya, and additional dry fruits. Free portions come with Rabdi and Malpua. Famous Pushkar malpuas are made especially during Makar Sankranti.

17. Chutneys like Kachri, imli, lason (garlic) and tomatoes

That from Rajasthan is much hotter and tangier than food from other regions. Without other Chutneys such Kachri, imli, lason (garlic), and tomatoes, the dish is lacking.

18. Churma Ladoo

Famous in Gujarat as well as Rajasthan, churma ladoo is a sweet treat. This delicious food is made from a mixture of wheat flour, jaggery, and desi ghee. Add a few poppy seeds as a garnish, and there you have it! Churma Ladoo, which is most frequently made during Ganesh Chaturthi, is a necessary dessert for every meal.

19. Balushahi

If you’re from the south of India, I’m sure you’ve heard about Balushahi. It resembles glazed doughnuts without holes very much. One of the easy, hassle-free foods that makes you drool is the soft, sweet, and delicious sweet.

20. Ker Sangari

A dish called Ker Sangari has its origins in Rajasthan. A truly peppery yet acidic Rajasthani Sabzi is created by combining dried wild beans, Sangari, and a berry that grows wild in the Thar Desert called Ker. Although it may not be visually pleasing, I can guarantee that every taste bud in your mouth will be telling a different tale. Ker Saangri Ro Sang, which is flavored with regional herbs and spices, goes well with delectable Bajre ki Roti and melting Makkhan (White Butter).

21. Boondi Raita

Due to their unique flavours and spices, all Rajasthani foods need a stabiliser. So instead of constantly reaching for a drink of water, eat a spoonful of the Boondi Raita.

22. Badam ka Halwa

It’s time to indulge your palette in the richness of Badam ka Halwa, one of Rajasthan’s most popular sweet dishes. This meal will have you begging for another hot serving because it was prepared with the royal touch of soaked almonds, crushed, and stewed in the finest desi ghee. It’s quite addictive. And also healthful!

23. Aam ki Launji 

Want anything other than achars (pickles) on the side with your Indian food? In that situation, Kachhe Aam ki Laungi is your finest option! To make the ideal accompaniment for all of your parathas, marinated raw mangoes are cooked with flavorful spices and sugar to create this unrivaled sweet and sour Rajasthani chutney/pickle. Any Indian sabzi can be enjoyed with it, giving the entire meal a boost.

24. Methi Bajra Puri

Methi Bajra Puri is a deep-fried puffy bread cooked with the goodness of Bajra and fresh methi that is a traditional Rajasthani winter dish. This healthful, light puffy treat has a crunchy element from bajra, making it the ideal snack to eat while curled up in a blanket. It can be enjoyed as part of a tasty meal along with a curry or sabzi.

25. Gujia

During the Holi or Diwali festivals, gujia is a delicate sweet treat packed with joy. The mouth-watering combination of mouth-melting sweetened khoya, crushed dry fruits, and Gujia, which is formed into tiny dumplings from either suji (semolina) or maida (all-purpose flour) and deep-fried to add the element of crisp, makes it a must-try Rajasthani delicacy to be enjoyed while celebrating the grand Indian festivals!

26. Kalmi Vada

An genuine Rajasthani snack, Kalmi Vada is ideal for satisfying appetites in the evening. This crispy, healthful snack is a mashup of chana dal (split chickpeas) batter that has been spiced up with some green chilies, onion, and common spices. Your hands will keep reaching out for just one more due to its flavours and texture. It is served warm and with a tart green chutney.


Gujaratis prefer to eat them as snacks. Give these dishes from Rajasthani cuisine a try without a doubt.


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