Top 15 Pickles Across India you need to try out

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Pickles Across India

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No one would ever forget grandmother’s fresh homemade pickles and their strong, delicious aroma. Pickles are a small yet important part of our everyday meals. An indelible part of Indian cuisine, it is argued to be a healthy necessity of our lives. While the varieties of it are hard to reach, here are some most popular pickles found in every household.

Top 15 Pickles Across India you need to try out

1. Lemon Pickle

Lemon Pickle

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon pickle instead of lemonade. Summers are the best time to prepare pickles and preserve them for whole-year long. The sourness of lemon, equalizes your taste with sweet curd and rice giving you flavors to relish. And the ‘sour food’ lovers would surely be satisfied.

2. Carrot Pickle

Carrot Pickle

Carrots can give you two different types of flavors at once, the sweet gajar ka halwa or the spicy, yang of flavors in carrot pickles will tinkle your taste buds. The typical Andhra style achaar keeps you on the foot.

3. Kolhapuri Thecha

Kolhapuri Thecha

A fusion of chutney-pickle preparation stands through the land of Maharashtra. It is made up of fiery spicy red chillies and a mix of peanuts would send shivers done your spine after each bite.

4. Karivepaku Urugai

Karivepaku Urugai

Ever thought a peculiar essential ingredient in Indian cuisine, can be made completely into a pickle? Karivepaku Urugai, originated through Tamil Nadu’s curry leaves is an important flavoring ingredient, and its spicy, strong aromatic flavors would be a must-try.

5. Akhuni Pickle

Akhuni Pickle

The smoky bitterness of Akhuni, fermented soybean cakes are transferred as Akhuni Pickle in no time. The Nagaland invented pickle brings strong ethnic flavours to resist.

6. Bhoot Jolokia Pickle

Bhoot Jolokia Pickle

Often referred to as Ghost Chilli, its believed to be a deadly one for sure. However, the piquant chillies are savoured as Bhoot Jolokia pickles minimizing the dangers behind it. It’s famous over the globe for its fiery taste and peppered aroma.

7. Avakaya

The authentic Andhra’s pickle, Avakaya has admirably been the best of all. From the selection of mangoes to the quantities of garlic and methi seeds do wonders. While the list continues, make sure to add these pickles in your list too.

8. Aam ka Achaar

Aam ka Achaar

Awaiting the love of the season, mangoes can be converted to all things at once. The lip-smacking flavors take you back in time. It’s often said, that the pickles get better with time, but this pickle surely completes before the time.

9. Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle

A mixture of flavors makes you have more of it. The healthy nutritious amla’s change into an achaar will make you become addicted to it. It goes well with rice and dal and is the must in all meals of the day.

10. Onion Pickle

Onion Pickle

As you peel off each layer, you explore more of it. Onions surprise us with the taste and the onion pickled with vinegar, salt, and red chillies is a treat to your taste buds. It’s also used to enhance and garnish many Indian cuisines.

11. Mirchi Ki Achaar

Mirchi Ki Achaar

The most used achaar of all time, Mirchi ka Achaar gained its popularity through its origin; in Rajasthan. It can be made in both red and green chilies; its spicy, juicy taste doesn’t leave your mouth too soon.

12. Cabbage Pickle

Cabbage Pickle

While it sounds strange, cabbage pickles blend with bland dishes enhancing its palate. Cabbage doesn’t go well as salads, but pickles can be loved by all age groups graciously.

13. Tomato Pickle

Every vegetable can be transferred into a pickle, but its taste will be different and special. The ripe tomatoes are cooked with Indian spices providing us an exact taste that people wish to devour.

14. Gorkeri Pickle

Gorkeri Pickle

The Gujarati’s go-to pickle, Gorkeri is a combination of jaggery and mangoes exploring sweet and sour taste to relish. It goes well with bread and can travel across countries.

15. Chhundo


A well-acclaimed Indian pickle made by grated raw mangoes as an accompaniment to the main meal is often the star. The sweet lip-smacking flavorsome delight definitely doesn’t need an introduction.

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