21 Iconic Street Foods You Must Try Out in Kolkata

Kolkata is a vibrant city in India that is avidly known for its colonial architecture, affinity to art, and cultural festivities. Though it wasn’t sufficient, so the city also has a remarkable culinary street-food landscape that beckons foodies from all over the world. 21 Iconic Street Foods You Must Try Out in Kolkata 1. Puchka An exciting variation of Pani Puri or Golgappa, Puchka is the most popular street food in Kolkata. What makes the Puchka different is the potato-and-black-chickpea filling that is boldly seasoned with the Muri masala. This special spice mix native to Kolkata gives the Puchka a … Read more

12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Cape Town

South Africa calls for luxurious treats for the palate. The capital, Cape Town, features this culinary trend across its variety of restaurants. Capetonians seek bold flavors, and their local cuisine absolutely does not shy away from flaunting. 12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Cape Town 1. Gatsby A classic Cape town favourite, Gatsby is a simple submarine-style sandwich that is too good for words. Burger buns are generously loaded with veggies and meat along with cheddar and chilli. This mountain is then topped with crème Fraiche, mushrooms, chives, garlic, and french fries add extra fun to this pile of … Read more

28 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in San Francisco

No doubt, San Francisco has a mind-blowing list of savory foods that one can enjoy any time, any day. But not tasting the desserts that the city offers is an inexcusable offense towards your taste buds. Hop on the sweet train to find out what you are missing out on! 28 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in San Francisco 1. Hot Fudge Sundae The Sundae is a decadent ice cream dessert that features multiple scoops of ice cream along with lip-smacking nectareous sauces or syrup. San Francisco’s Hot Fudge Sundae is a genuinely lovely rendition of this frozen dessert. … Read more

The Indian Wedding Tradition: Meetha Paan

One of the reasons we all love weddings is that they’re full of food and rituals. The vibrant atmosphere of the parties and the rituals— every tradition is pure bliss here. India has been greatly known as the land of cultural heritage. People of varying cultures, religious beliefs, and social values have been living together in peace. There are various desserts that you will find at each wedding across India. So, keep scrolling through to see a breathtaking example of the colorful Indian after-meal snack served in all of the Indian weddings, which is MEETHA PAAN. What is this MEETHA … Read more

The Interesting Story Of Schezwan In 3 Steps

The sound of sizzling vegetables being fried in a wok with a spicy hot sauce sprayed over it and served with noodles or rice is mouthwatering for anyone who has witnessed Chinese food being cooked in an open kitchen. There’s simply something about the numbing spiciness of the Schezwan sauce that makes one want to dive into another delicious bite while gasping for water. But where does this flavorful taste derive its sources from? Where does the infamous Schezwan food get its name from? Here’s everything you need to know about your favorite Schezwan recipes! Schezwan, Szechuan, Sichuan: The Beginning … Read more

12 Best Indian Dairy Delights India Has to Offer

Dairy plays a key in the creation of many of India’s finest dishes adding richness, moistness, and an additional layer of flavor. The most common dairy products found in Indian cuisine are milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and ghee. The usage of milk is found mostly in North Indian recipes that give birth to some of the best Indian dairy delights that the country has to offer. Dairy foods are essential because they build and repair muscles and tissues for children’s growth. Cooking with dairy products gives better results when they are properly used and applied. 12 Best Indian Dairy Delights … Read more

11 Delicious Bread Toast Recipes to Try Out Now

Bread is a common food item and can be found on the shelves of almost every household. It is immensely loved by people, be it in the form of a vegetable sandwich or butter or jam-bread or simply enjoying a bread slice with your morning tea.Bread is also commonly and popularly enjoyed in the form of some delicious bread toast. Toasts are generally the grilled form of bread with a layer or a stuffing of various types like veggies or certain types of spices and sauces. Toasts are super crunchy and delicious to have and they can be prepared super … Read more

7 Exciting Delhi Food Hotspots To Check Out Soon

There is so much to explore in Delhi, but most search for the food it serves. We are here to bring you a list of the best Delhi food hotspots that you cannot miss out on. One can find hawkers and cafes on almost every street in the city, that’s why foodies love this city so much. But what about those who are new to this food journey? Who simply wants to explore the delicacies the city has to offer? Fikar not, as we bring you some recommendations for the places, you must give your tongue the chance to do … Read more

The Fast Food Origins In The USA

Fast Food has become a big part of our daily lives, but have you ever wondered how, when, or where do the fast food origins lie? The crackle of chewing into the crunchy seasoned fries, the oozing deliciousness of the sauce every time you take a bite of your burger, and the soft cheese melting into your mouth with every pizza slice is a sensation that is missed and craved by many. Can there be anything better? Its quick, delicious, and available at any time you want! How did it all come to be? How did famous fast food brands like … Read more

10 Best Burgers to Try Out In the US

Is there any food more quintessentially American than burgers? The simple sandwich-burger of ground beef on a bun has thousands of variations, and when done properly, there are few types more delicious. There are an inch or so thick patties that drip juice down your arm, these are fast food-style burgers in the USA. There are thin patties cooked on a griddle that gets an ample crust, and finally, there are the high-end models with high price tags that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status. So if you are a real burger fan or want to experience the best … Read more

12 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Nepal

Nepal – A small landlocked country in South East Asia with people from different ethnic backgrounds is also home to a variety of delicious Nepalese street food dishes that remain unexplored to the larger world. The streets of Nepal, with an air of Buddhist purity in them, also have a plethora of dishes to offer apart from their iconic momos, and it’s time to explore a few. 12 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Nepal 1. Chatamari Tracing its origin from the Newari cuisine of Nepal, Chatamari is also known as ‘Newari pizza’ or ‘Nepali pizza.’ It is … Read more

13 Breakfast Dishes Around the World

The delicious savory breakfast dish is ideal for anyone who is looking to start their day with protein and a boost of energy. Here are globally inspired breakfast dishes from delicious Shakshuka that has its roots in Israel to a sweet porridge recipe from Ethiopia. There are plenty of examples of traditional globally inspired breakfast dishes that illuminate unique flavor combinations and regional ingredients. Here is a list of the most favorite and delicious dishes that can be served as breakfast or at the time of brunch. These have originated in different parts of the world. They have been inspired … Read more

16 Foods You Must Try Out Near Marine Drive

Marine drive is definitely the heart and soul of Mumbaikars. This location is a long drive from the divine Arabian Sea wherein people can sit and gaze at the sound of the sea. The vast sea offers peace and tranquillity like no other location. This location adds to the glitter and glamour of the city of dreams. People here sit patiently and gaze at the beauty of nature. Right from the college-going students to the office going adults, one can find people from different walks of life. Apart from this, there is a lot that humans can munch near Marine … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Assam

Assam is a beautiful state in northeastern India. It is famous for its wildlife, tea plantation, and archeological sites. Along with these, it also has a distinct flavor in most of its dishes. Assamese cuisine has a strong influence on the flavors of neighboring states. Let’s taste some food items of Assam. 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Assam 1. Gooror Payas If you want to feel the traditional taste of Assamese cuisine, Gooror Payas is the best choice. It is made out of milk, rice, jaggery, cashew, dates, and bay leaves. We can use saffron to garnish the … Read more

21 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Delhi

Delhi is the heart of India. It is home to over 18 million people who have migrated from all across the country. Delhi can be best described as a kaleidoscope, consisting of several elements of the magnificent Indian culture and tradition. This ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity is beautifully reflected in the food as well. Street food in Delhi is colorful spicy, rich, and hearty just like its people. Though the variety is vast but still every dish is unique and worth trying. Here are some of the most impressive street food in Delhi that makes it the ultimate food … Read more

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with stunning natural surroundings and a deep and complicated history. Along with these things, South Africa also has some mouth-watering traditional dishes. So, if you are in South Africa, don’t forget to try the variety of food items here. Let’s focus on the delicious food in South Africa. 17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in South Africa 1. Bunny Chow Bunny chow is very famous street food in South Africa. Bunny chow is a hollowed loaf of white bread. In it, the cook will pour a curry of chicken and pork. Its vegetarian variety … Read more