15 Best Street Foods You must try out in Gurgaon

A small city in the north-Indian state of Haryana, Gurgaon is officially known as the new Gurugram has gained its name through its spectacular booming infrastructure and rapid growth of urbanization. The kingdom of Dreams is a trip you would definitely look out for. If something you shouldn’t miss is its extravagant street-style dishes. Look out for some mouth-watering Gurgaon Go-to street food here: 15 Best Street Foods You must try out in Gurgaon 1. Pav Bhaji The winning heart of locals with something common over the globe isn’t easy. Yet Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, a simple small stall every … Read more

15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Chicago

Among other things, Chicago is known for its exceptional cuisine. It is home to various mouth-watering dishes originated from and is also responsible for attracting a dozen foodies. The list consists of a variety of flavors from sweet to savory, frozen to fried, etc. Each one of them has made its own special place in the heart of Chicago. 15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Chicago 1. Chicago – Style Hot Dog Chicago style hot dog or also popularly called as Chicago Red Hot is an all-beef hot dog topped with mustard sauce, bright green sweet pickle relish, … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Nagpur

Nagpur, a large city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with its tall edifices, greenery, transport, healthcare, and liveability, is acknowledged as among India’s top 20 cleanest cities. Apart from its arresting artistic attractions, the city holds its flavorous food as the essential enhancement in the list. Let’s see some famous dishes in Nagpur. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Nagpur 1. Misal Pav A food expedition can never start without including this item on the list. A typical Maharashtrian dish, Misal Pav is well known in the city. Seasoned spicy misal sprinkled with chiwda is consumed with Pav … Read more

15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Rajasthan

Rajasthan always manages to attract people from around the globe with its glorifying history, breathtaking palaces, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Rajasthani flavors’ are deeply framed around its heritage, climatic conditions, limited vegetation, and scarcity of water, leading to its unique flavors.  Back then there were many dishes cooked and served just in the royal palaces but gradually over time, many local versions of these royal dishes were conceived. Here are some must-try items of the Rajasthani cuisine: 15 Local Dishes You Must Try Out in Rajasthan 1. Jungli Maas This was one of the royal dishes prepared from the … Read more

18 Most Popular Foods to Eat at Juhu Beach

One of the popular shores along the Arabian Sea, Juhu Beach is among the most visited beaches in Mumbai. People usually spend time, playing sports, making sandcastles, and devouring some of the most famous street food delicacies over the coast. The beach is always crowded and it’s home to many local vendors. Let’s take a look at some popular locally famous dishes Mumbai Juhu Beach has to offer: 18 Most Popular Foods to Eat at Juhu Beach 1. Pav Bhaji A trip to Juhu Beach is definitely incomplete without hogging on a plate of Pav Bhaji. The spicy, lip-smacking Bhaji, … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Surat

Surat, also known as a “Green City” is one of the most dynamic cities in India. It has a zestful present and equally conserved heritage of the past. As the food is the ingredient that binds Gujaratis together, Surat’s special spiced up food is all you need to make your journey complete! Let’s have a look at some popular dishes of Surat. 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Surat 1. Aloo Puri Officially regarded as a default brunch-time meal, Aloo Puri is ready for a delicious lip-smacking twist. Surati Aloo Chaat topped with basic ingredients like potato, onions, and … Read more

16 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Udaipur

Every human being has a weak spot for mouth-watering food. The craving is even more if it is from the streets and alleys of India. Udaipur, also known as the Venice of the East, is one of the most celebrated cities culturally. Apart from its forts, Udaipur has its own list of famous food in which you can get a chance to taste the heritage of the land. Here are a few suggestions that you must try out on your visit to Udaipur. 16 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Udaipur 1. Dabeli Dabeli is one of the … Read more

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Allahabad

Allahabad, officially known as Prayagraj, one of the holiest cities of India, also referred to as the ‘Abode of Gods’, is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kumbh Mela, organised here is the best time to get a glimpse of Hindu rituals and culture. Moreover, it’s a paradise for food enthusiasts and a chance to enjoy the Mughlai cuisine of North India. Let’s take a look at some popular Allahabadi dishes. 17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Allahabad 1. Tandoori Chai While people all over the world start their day with tea, Allahabadis enjoy tandoori chai, especially in … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kanpur

The industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh, lying near the bank of Ganges, Kanpur is noted for its leather industries and delicious food. Let’s take a look at some mouth-watering dishes available here that sum up some of the best food items this Indian state has to offer: 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kanpur 1. Shami Kebab A traditional dish prepared using minced meat mixed in chickpeas powder and spices elevating the flavours of the dish. While the recipe varies from home to home, it always has a glimpse of the old conventional taste. 2. Biryani Kanpur’s Biryani represents … Read more

9 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhuj

Kem Cho? Majama! (How are you? Good!), Gujaratis always welcome people with open arms and a platter laden with delicacies. The most enthralling city in Gujarat, Bhuj, is India’s westernmost city. From its annual Rann Utsav to its ceaseless quest for street food, Bhuj has always had something worth celebrating. 9 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Bhuj 1. SEV KHAMAN As the name suggests, Sev Khaman is the solution to hunger at any time of the day. Dhoklas are mashed and spiced up with chat masala and sev, bringing your taste buds to a halt. Gujarat’s tangy twist in … Read more

11 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Ahmedabad

Kem Cho foodies? Craving for some Gujarati food in Ahmedabad which is affordable yet satisfying? Then let’s explore this heart of Gujarat which is not only the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi but is also famous for its street food and colourful festivals like Uthrayan and Navratri. 11 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Ahmedabad 1. Fafda with papaya sambharo (chutney) Freshly hand-made, deep-fried blazing fafda sprinkled with chat masala and served with lip-smacking, sweet and sour papaya sambharo will instantly give you a mouthgasm of flavours. Do try this sweet yet sour combination on your visit. 2. Khaman dhokla Appealing, … Read more

25 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Nashik

Nashik is not only called the pilgrimage city but it is also the wine capital as well as the Misal capital of India. This city is located on the banks of the river Godavari and has a wide range of dishes that are affordable, filling and will most likely provide satisfaction to your taste buds. 25 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Nashik 1. Misal Pav One of the best dishes found in Nashik which is quite spicy and worth a try in a lifetime. Sadhana and Shamsundar are the best places which serve missal with a very good ambience. … Read more

13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Chicago

We all know that Chicago is a beautiful place with its architecture and museums, but what we don’t know is that Chicago offers its people and visitors some delicious savories that you’d definitely want to try at least once in Chicago. Why don’t we have a look at the best local dishes in Chicago? 13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Chicago 1. Deep Dish Pizza Pizza is a dish loved by almost everyone, and in Chicago, you have to ditch your diet and have this cheesy dish. Chicago is synonymous with deep-dish pizza and the city’s devotion to this … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Pune

Maharashtra has a lot to offer through its savory and traditional food known as Maharashtrian cuisine. Pune, being the popular city of the state has both appetizing street food and typical classy restaurant meals. The cuisine has a diversity of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The classic flavors of desserts and snacks are never to miss out. Let’s take a small and simple tour of the most special foodstuffs of Pune. 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Pune 1. Bhakarwadi Popular street food or snacks can be found easily anywhere in Pune. A dough is made in a spiral … Read more

20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Indonesia

More than five thousand recipes of Indonesia vary greatly according to the region. Sambal, with shrimp paste, is a staple preparation in all parts of Indonesia. Some elements of Chinese cuisine such as noodles, meat and spring rolls can be seen in Indonesian cuisine. 20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Indonesia 1. Satay Satay or sate is a popular dish from Indonesia. It has also become famous in neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. It comprises sliced chicken, beef, pork or fish. These are grilled over a charcoal fire and served with peanut syrup or satay sauce. The … Read more

25 Most Popular Street Foods to Eat In Delhi

Indian street food is as diverse and colorful as our culture and rituals. Whether it’s an office break or chilling time during tuition, no matter what age group, we Indians just can’t resist the urge to dig into these not-so-healthy, yet so-scrumptious roadside delights. Whether sweet or salty, Street Food in India offers it all. The narrow gullies of Old Delhi narrate many stories through the overwhelming variety of street food that they offer. They’ll inspire you to pull out your cameras, explore new ways, and sometimes, even get into the kitchen and recreate. The temptation is everywhere and it’s … Read more