10 Keto Diet Recipes you must try at home

Keto is a weight-loss-friendly diet. The low carb intake in it makes it a perfect diet-friendly food. It is a planned diet by your dietician. Age, weight, food preferences, and lifestyle should be considered while designing a keto diet. The planned diet should be followed regularly. Keto is relatively easy to follow. Here are some food items you can cook and still enjoy your diet, eat healthily, and stay healthy. 10 Keto Diet Recipes you must try at home 1. Avocado Toast One of the best foods for keto is avocado. It is healthy, juicy, and has an exquisite taste. … Read more

6 Things you Should know About Food Culture in Japan

Japan, the land of sunrise, like other Asian countries, has a vibrant culture. Japanese have a different set of beliefs and a rare heritage. They are similar to Korean and Chinese but very different in their way. Rice, noodles, and seafood are at the core of all the cuisines. Japan is an island; hence, it has a very excellent seafood culture. Japanese culture quickly traveled to America and Canada; they are very familiar with Japanese cuisines compared to other countries. Before we dive into the cuisines, let us get familiar with the tradition. The Japanese take food preparation, cooking, presentation … Read more

8 Most Popular Indian Spices and Herbs

We all know Indians have the special knowledge of various spices due to which they can make boring food into an interesting one. They can very easily make use of Indian spices in perfect proportion and that’s why Indians are famous all over the world due to speciality of Indian spices. These Indian spices are not used immediately but after perfect blender or roasting it that can give perfect smell and texture.

6 New Taste Recipes from Wanderers

Having food every day is a blessing. Exploring different types of food is an adventure. New tastes and cultures play an essential role in a wanderer’s life. The more you travel, the more you get to experience different flavors. Food is essential, and taste also matters, but regional food has a separate fanbase. The regional ethnicity is far more necessary than anything. Different regions have different cuisines to explore; if you are a die-hard fan of such territorial food, this article will indeed introduce you to another new appetite. Nimad, in the southwest of India, is Madhya Pradesh, is a … Read more

10 Tempting Las Vegas Cuisines To Satisfy Your Palate

Las Vegas, Sin City, Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the massive and diverse culinary spectacle nestled in the heart of the city. Wolfgang Puck is mostly attributed for making the tantalizing Las Vegas Cuisine into the unique creation that it is. With the introduction of Puck’s famous Spago, the city has been a hub of splendid dishes and drinks. The streets are equally abundant with food. Las Vegas houses some of the most respectable celebrity chef restaurants. But it is not only limited to luxe and gourmet food. Las Vegas cuisine is multifaceted. The street food is … Read more

10 Famous Dishes From Disney Movies Recreated Out Of Fiction

Disney movies sprinkle the dust of magic and make everyone believe in a world full of fantasy imaginations. Disney movies rise beyond our imaginations with magical characters like princesses, toys, witches, and so much more beyond our thinking. While wanting this fantasy world to come alive, there are many animated dishes from creative minds rather than from the kitchen, which you would wish to experience but then realize it’s a movie. Those unfulfilled wishes of various foodies can finally come alive through these dishes recreated right out of the fiction and magic these Disney movies possess. 10 Famous Dishes From … Read more

14 Dishes Appreciated By The Presidents Of America

Food speaks its own language, and it is often said that one can gauge someone’s character by looking at their food preferences. Be it Roosevelt, Obama, Trump, or Joe Biden, the Presidents of America have always shown flavour to delicacies. Here’s a list of dishes appreciated by the different Presidents of America. 14 Dishes Appreciated By The Presidents Of America 1. Chicken Fricassee – Abraham Lincoln Esteemed and loved, Abraham Lincoln presided during the simpler times but favored this delicious dish with a to-die-for sauce! A fricassee is a stew brought about with portions of browned meat in butter, served … Read more

23 Most Popular Non-Veg Foods to Eat in New York

New York is a metropolitan city that has not only an abundance of scenic sights but also a beautiful intermingling of cultures. The latter has birthed great culinary trends and exposed people to a humongous variety of flavours and food experiences. Browsing through this zesty assortment, we have picked out 23 dishes that you simply cannot afford to miss if food and especially if meat is your first love. 23 Most Popular Non-Veg Foods to Eat in New York 1. Pastrami Sandwich A sandwich with simple ingredients, the taste of which lingers on your tongue several minutes after the last … Read more

11 Delicious Staple Rice Dishes From Around The World

Baas, Chawal, Reis, Riz, Kome, Arici—Rice! A staple to countries abounds, rice is prevalent in numerous nations and within many hearts. These staple rice dishes embody the warmth of homely food and the spirit of home. Rice is the one food item that connects You and Me. From little hard grains to boiled soft white rice, here are 11 staple rice dishes from 11 different countries that will remind you of home. 11 Delicious Staple Rice Dishes From Around The World 1. Nasi Goreng – Indonesia, Malaysia Warm cooked rice stir-fried over medium heat with fresh green vegetables, pieces of … Read more

19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try

The mere mention of Goa reminds one of the pristine beaches, colonial architecture, fun-loving locals, Feni, and of course, the food. Food is an essential part of Goa. A major part of Goan food has been influenced by the Portuguese, giving birth to some traditional Goan dishes. The most important ingredients when preparing any Goan dish are coconut and vinegar. The local Goan cuisine is known for its exotic seafood preparations and food fit for a king or queen! Scroll through to explore an aromatic array of delectable dishes. 19 Delicious Traditional Goan Dishes You Must Try 1. Prawn Rissoles … Read more

12 Best Indian Dairy Delights India Has to Offer

Dairy plays a key in the creation of many of India’s finest dishes adding richness, moistness, and an additional layer of flavor. The most common dairy products found in Indian cuisine are milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and ghee. The usage of milk is found mostly in North Indian recipes that give birth to some of the best Indian dairy delights that the country has to offer. Dairy foods are essential because they build and repair muscles and tissues for children’s growth. Cooking with dairy products gives better results when they are properly used and applied. 12 Best Indian Dairy Delights … Read more

5 Bohemian Treats With A Fun Desi Twist

Fusions are something of an umbrella that is a mix of different elements of certain cooking traditions that originated from different countries and rich cultures. For today, let’s talk about the places and their cuisines namely Bohemia- a region of the Czech Republic and India present in Southern Asia. India is greatly known as ‘the land of cultural heritage. People of varying cultures, regional beliefs, and social values have been living together in peace and harmony. India is known for being one of the oldest cultures. Now let us talk about Bohemia, the westernmost and one of the most historical … Read more

7 Exciting Delhi Food Hotspots To Check Out Soon

There is so much to explore in Delhi, but most search for the food it serves. We are here to bring you a list of the best Delhi food hotspots that you cannot miss out on. One can find hawkers and cafes on almost every street in the city, that’s why foodies love this city so much. But what about those who are new to this food journey? Who simply wants to explore the delicacies the city has to offer? Fikar not, as we bring you some recommendations for the places, you must give your tongue the chance to do … Read more

20 Delicious Avocado Recipes To Try Now

Many people have often thought that avocado is a vegetable, no it is not. It is a pear-shaped berry fruit, YES, it is a fruit! Of late, avocado has been a go-to ingredient for several delicious avocado recipes by people looking to incorporate a portion of healthy food into their diet. This superfood is packed with calories. One ounce has about 50 calories. Avocados are also high in fats, but they kind which is good for your health and is also packed with 25 different minerals and vitamins. 20 Delicious Avocado Recipes To Try Now 1. Avocado Banana Smoothie This … Read more

8 Seafood You must eat in Iceland

Iceland is surrounded by sea, so it won’t come as a surprise that the cuisines here are mainly based on fish and sea life. The Icelandic seafood served here revolves around fish, crabs, seahorses, jellyfish, and many more types of sea creatures. There are other food items consumed like dairy products, lambs, or bread. The different world cuisines have also made their way to Iceland, but the folks have not lost their touch with their tradition. They prepare and serve their traditional meal daily. The fish available here are – cod, langoustine, capelin, haddock, monkfish, lobster, salmon, and herring. Traditional … Read more

10 Best Burgers to Try Out In the US

Is there any food more quintessentially American than burgers? The simple sandwich-burger of ground beef on a bun has thousands of variations, and when done properly, there are few types more delicious. There are an inch or so thick patties that drip juice down your arm, these are fast food-style burgers in the USA. There are thin patties cooked on a griddle that gets an ample crust, and finally, there are the high-end models with high price tags that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status. So if you are a real burger fan or want to experience the best … Read more