12 Healthy Soups to Try Out in Japan

Japanese cuisine is quite unique and incorporates a variety of flavours. This is also seen in the different soups that are traditionally prepared all over Japan. However, people who are unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine might find it difficult to navigate through a large number of options available. This guide explains the different categories of Japanese soups and the ingredients they contain. For times when you want to eat something healthy as well as delicious, and want to explore Japanese food, these options are perfect. 12 Healthy Soups to Try Out in Japan 1. Shirumono Japanese soups are known as shirumono … Read more

8 Must Try Dishes From Bengali Cuisine

Bengali cuisine, which includes food from both West Bengal and East Bengal i.e, Bangladesh, is very vibrant. The war is always on between Chingri and Hilsa, which fish is better in both places. Here is a list of famous must-try dishes from the rich cuisine of Bengal. 8 Must Try Dishes From Bengali Cuisine 1. ALOO POSTO Aloo i.e, potato is a very important part of Bengali cuisine. Apart from dum aloo, it can also be eaten as posto. It is a creamy and delicious gravy with lots of aloo in it. 2. MURIGHONTO Talking about Bengali cuisine we cannot … Read more

10 Best Traditional Foods to Eat in North East India

North East India is very famous for its scenic beauty but it also beholds a variety of unique food. Anytime you plan a trip to the North East, make sure you try these North-Eastern items. 10 Best Traditional Foods Eat in North East India 1. BAMBOO SHOOT Traditionally known as Gaaj, it is a part of North East cuisine. It is used as a pickle. Gaaj is also used in making meat curries.  2. BANANA STEM The traditional name of the Banana stem is Kol Posola, the small banana tree is used for this. It is mainly dry-fried and eaten … Read more

20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sri Lankan

A trip to the island of Sri Lanka is a chance to feast on its wealthy, melting pot cooking that is influenced by its geographics. Situated in the Indian Ocean, between the Eastern and Western cultures, expect an abundance of flavors. 20 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sri Lankan 1. Rice and Curry Rice and curry is Sri Lankan comfort food. Ingredients: It is made of red lentils cooked in coconut milk along with tomatoes and onion. Tastes best when cooked in an earthen pot. 2. Polos It’s a spicy jackfruit dish. Ingredients: Jackfruits, cinnamon, curry leaves, coconut milk, spices, garlic, lemongrass, and mustard … Read more

7 Meals You Gotta Try When in Mumbai

Give the spicy, jazzed-up street food a chance with these meals that you gotta try when in Mumbai. Savor these local, revamped delicacies. 7 Meals You Gotta Try When in Mumbai 1. LOCAL/STREET FOOD The street food of Mumbai has a distinctively different flavor from that of the street food from other parts of the country. Or for a few dishes, you could say it is a more ‘masaledar’ version. Like, the sev puri is just a more spicy and flavourful version of the typical UP chaat. The street food ranges from pani puri, sev puri, dahi puri, pav bhaji, … Read more