15 Different Types Of Vinegar

By fermenting alcoholic liquid, acetic acid-rich products with a sour or bitter flavor are produced, which is how vinegar is manufactured. Vinegar doesn’t go bad for a very long time. It may occasionally become murky or appear to have changed color, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it has. Vinegar has many advantages, such as preventing diabetes, lowering cholesterol, reducing belly fat, and treating dandruff. Around 3000 BC, the ancient Babylonians discovered vinegar’s first usage. They mostly produced vinegar from dates, figs, and beer, which they utilized in cooking and medicine. So here are the 15 different types of vinegar … Read more

5 Differences Between A Puff And Baked Samosa

There are several types of bread available in the market. For a real bread lover, it’s difficult to choose one category. Bread is the most preferred food item and can be eaten with various new recipes. Puff and baked samosa are among those (don’t you dare mix it with the regular samosa). Baked samosa differs from the heartthrob samosa. Baked with love and masala, both dishes have a special place in the hearts of foodies and are prepared from a similar dough having veggies or cheese. Even there are choices in these two dishes such as cheese baked samosa, plain … Read more

11 Varieties Of Puttu You Must Try

One of the popular dishes of Kerala, puttu is an easy and quick dish to prepare. Puttu is a humble yet healthy and filling breakfast that takes minimum time and effort to make. The dish is also popular in Sri Lanka and some parts of Tamil Nādu. It can be prepared with different flavors and colors, which makes it more interesting and delicious. So Here Are The Top 11 Varieties Of Puttu You Must Try: 1. Mango Puttu All mango lovers must definitely try this variety of puttu. It can be prepared using fresh and ripe badami or alphonso mangoes. … Read more

11 Best Street Foods You Must Try Out in Pondicherry

Pondicherry, commonly referred to as Pondy is one of the eight Union Territories in India. It was a French colonial settlement in India till 1954, due to which one can see a perfect blend of Tamil culture and French architecture and cuisine. The city is also known as the White Town because of the French quarters aligned beautifully on the streets of Pondicherry. It’s a coastal city surrounded by the Bay of Bengal from one side and numerous gorgeous backwaters. 11 Best Street Foods You Must Try Out in Pondicherry 1. Chana Chaat Chana Chaat is a tangy and flavorful … Read more

15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home

What’s better than some toast for breakfast? You can come up with many other dishes with bread. If you’re someone who is a fan of cooking from scratch, you need to try these amazing dishes with their main ingredient as bread, something which we always have in our kitchen at all times. So make use of your time at home and try out these amazing recipes. 15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home 1. Bread Mud Brownie If you don’t like going through the hassle of making brownies but still want to have them, then this recipe is … Read more

22 Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About

You’ll be surprised to know about the number of breads the Indian cuisine has, which makes India truly heaven for food lovers. From fried to toasted and from plain to stuffed, this list will tell you all about the different breads in India that you may or may not try yet. 22 Types Of Indian Breads You Should Know About 1. Chapati or Roti This is something which is a huge part of our meals almost every day. Made with wheat, this bread is cooked until it’s light and filled with air, which is why it is also called phulka. … Read more

15 Types Of Spicy Dishes In India

Indian food is full of spice, aroma, and flavor! Spices are essentially the heart of Indian curries as they enhance flavor. They also have digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. The mixture of spices in most dishes takes them to a whole new level of mouth-flaming intensity, but it doesn’t deter us from enjoying these tasty foods. Some dishes are hot and others are insanely hot. It takes a very powerful tongue or lots of water to gulp them down, hence they are not for the faint-hearted.  15 Types Of Spicy Dishes In India 1. Pork Vindaloo The Portuguese term Carne de … Read more

10 Indian dishes that you can enjoy with Pav

Pav is a soft bread roll that is very soft and fluffy in texture. Although it does not have a distinct flavor, the recipes that are prepared with Pav are super delicious and extremely common in India. Pav dishes are mostly served and enjoyed as street food, particularly in Mumbai, where you can easily spot a stall preparing and serving Pav recipes on any street or corner of the road. When roasted in a pan with butter, pav brings a touch of charm to the dishes it is eaten with. Pav recipes are one of the highly loved dishes in … Read more

11 Most Popular Indian Drinks and Beverages

Indian drinks and beverages are a popular part of Indian cuisine and we have an array of drinks that are both unique and refreshing. These drinks are not only tasty but also healthy. Without a cup of tea, no Indian could consider their day complete. India is a spectacular blend of cultures and traditions and every culture has its own specialty. But in every culture of India, what people love the most, even more than their food is the drinks that accompany them. 11 Most Popular Indian Drinks and Beverages 1. Masala chai Masala chai is one of the favorite … Read more

7 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Bihar

The historically prosperous land of Bihar is popular for plenty of delicacies that show its culinary greatness. The tasty and different Bihari plates are capable of tingling every food expert’s flavour bud. Here is a list of special Bihari dishes that exist beyond the essential Sattu or Parval ki Mithai, which will make you crave more! 7 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Bihar 1. Litti Chokha The lip-smacking flavour of Litti Chokha, tasted by one and all, requires no introduction. It is your greeting to the food of Bihar, in all its ghee-dripping glory. It comprises wheat and … Read more

4 Popular Winter Dishes OF Varanasi

Street food is an integral part of Indian culture and cuisine. There is a variety of street foods from across the country. The Celestial City of Varanasi is situated on the banks of the River Ganges within Uttar Pradesh, and its culture and tradition define its food. These winter delicacies are primarily prepared in desi ghee and mustard oil. Its people majorly influence the food of Varanasi. Here are some popular delicacies of Varanasi, especially available during winter. 4 Popular Winter Dishes OF Varanasi 1. CHOODA MATAR Chooda matar is the Varanasi version of poha. It is basically a winter treat of … Read more

13 Vegetarian Korean Recipes you can try out

From catchy K-pop tunes to complex skincare products, it seems the world is going wild for Korean culture at the moment, and the love for Korean recipes is no exception.Though admittedly, South Korean cuisine may be on the meat-heavy side, that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of tasty fare for vegetarians. Though vegetables abound in Korean recipes still some dishes are laden with eggs and meat. But above these, vegetarianism in Korea is on the rise, and here are some of the best dishes that don’t include animal products as ingredients: 13 Vegetarian Korean Recipes you can try out … Read more

26 Delicious Foods to Eat in Korea

Interested in the booming world of Korean food? Attracted by the many dishes that your favorite idols consume but fail to know anything about it? The complete list ranges from A-Z, the ultimate guide to Korean Cuisine! 26 Delicious Foods to Eat in Korea 1. Army Stew (Bodae Jjigae) Army stew or spicy sausage stew is made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, kimchi, and gochujang in boiling soup. It first came to be after the armistice that ended the Korean war with any ration that could be smuggled out of U.S. army bases. 2. Black Bean Noodles (Jjajangmyeon) Jjajangmyeon … Read more

The Interesting Story Of Schezwan In 3 Steps

The sound of sizzling vegetables being fried in a wok with a spicy hot sauce sprayed over it and served with noodles or rice is mouthwatering for anyone who has witnessed Chinese food being cooked in an open kitchen. There’s simply something about the numbing spiciness of the Schezwan sauce that makes one want to dive into another delicious bite while gasping for water. But where does this flavorful taste derive its sources from? Where does the infamous Schezwan food get its name from? Here’s everything you need to know about your favorite Schezwan recipes! Schezwan, Szechuan, Sichuan: The Beginning … Read more

11 Delicious Bread Toast Recipes to Try Out Now

Bread is a common food item and can be found on the shelves of almost every household. It is immensely loved by people, be it in the form of a vegetable sandwich or butter or jam-bread or simply enjoying a bread slice with your morning tea.Bread is also commonly and popularly enjoyed in the form of some delicious bread toast. Toasts are generally the grilled form of bread with a layer or a stuffing of various types like veggies or certain types of spices and sauces. Toasts are super crunchy and delicious to have and they can be prepared super … Read more