13 Irresistible Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Won’t it be amazing if you could have your fruits and veggies AND they taste like a dessert? Smoothies are thick, creamy beverages usually combined with fruits, vegetables, juice, and yogurt. It includes ice cubes to give the final result – the cool, icy consistency of a milkshake. Smoothies are highly nutritious and healthy for your body as they are full of nutrients and flavor. They are an important part of the breakfast, as they provide a power-packed start for the day. 13 Irresistible Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes 1. Triple Berry Smoothie Banana, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, almond milk, and yoghurt … Read more

8 Fail-Proof Cookie Hacks to save the day

Cookies are my favorite of all time; it is fun to bake them at home. One doesn’t need to get it right on the first try. Even if anyone messes it up, not to worry, here are some hacks that will save those cookies and all the energy as well. Even if they do not turn out perfect, you can make some equally delicious desserts from these cookies. 8 Fail-Proof Cookie Hacks to save the day 1. Burned cookies While baking cookies at home, sometimes they get over-cooked. Do not worry, rub the burnt part of both cookies together after … Read more

11 Varieties of Kheer The most cherished Dessert

Dessert is the part of the meal which is usually served at the end, and it is generally said that the best of everything is always enjoyed at the end. It is always the most awaited dish for everybody, and it mainly consists of something sweet or any confectionery that makes us feel joyful. Kheer is one such dessert that fills us with the goodness of sweetness. It is one of the most popular and delightful sweet dishes in India. Be it any occasion or a happy moment, you would always find the aroma of kheer throughout the home and … Read more

9 Must-try varieties of Shrikhand

Dessert is the course of the meal that always brightens up the mood of the one having it. Shrikhand is one of such dish. Shrikhand is an Indian dessert that is prepared by removing all the water and whey from curd by straining it, generally with cloth. After the straining of the curd, it brings out a thicker texture and a bit of sour taste to the Shrikhand. It is a sweet dish that has a hint of sourness to it. Due to this unique flavor, it is widely popular and loved by almost everyone in India. It is known … Read more

15 Fun facts about Ice cream

When someone says ice cream our sweet tooth tickles. Who can refuse a creamy and luscious ice cream, it is almost everyone’s favorite. It can be coupled with a hot brownie or chocolate sauce, making it more interesting and delicious. One cannot resist the temptation if there are different types of ice creams on the table. It is the best dessert to beat the heat during summer. So here are some fun facts about Icecream you might not be knowing:  1. The popsicle stick was invented accidentally!  Yes you heard it right! We all love ice creams with popsicle sticks … Read more

15 Indian Foods You Can Make When In A Hurry

Nowadays, people are usually in a hurry. We all suffer from time management issues. You have to make sure that your meals should not get compromised in such a case. It can affect your health as well. However, there are a lot of food items that can be prepared very quickly. Learn some easy-to-cook food and get a hassle-free life. So here are 15 Indian Foods You Can Make When In A Hurry 1. Anda Curry Anda Curry is one of the easiest and hassle-free food to cook. You just need two spoons of oil with chopped onion, garlic, ginger … Read more

10 Rasgulla Varieties You Must Try Out in Bengal

Bengal could best be defined as the ‘Sweet capital of India’. Not surprisingly, we find shops named ‘Bengali sweet shops’ all over India. Since time immemorial, Bengali sweets have made an irreplaceable place in the hearts and minds of people. When we talk about sweets, Rosh Gulla couldn’t be ignored at any cost. Bengal is believed to be the birthplace of Roshogullah. 10 Rasgulla Varieties You Must Try Out in Bengal 1. Strawberry Roshogullah Who doesn’t love strawberries? And it’s an absolute delight when it comes to mixing them with our favourite dessert. Roshogullas dipped in a syrup made with … Read more

Tasty Dishes Out Of Leftovers

After any grand party at home, may it be a birthday party, family gathering or even just a get-together, every host is left with many food dishes and the ingredients bought for cooking them. Some dishes can be eaten the next day, and some need a bit of rejuvenation. Leftovers like chicken, rice, idli, bread, roti, cake, etc., can be made into other delicious dishes. To make those dishes, there needs to be nothing that every kitchen has. Recipes With Chicken Leftovers The main thing is that meat doesn’t last long; when refrigerated, it lasts for a more extended period … Read more

12 Milkshakes You Must Try Out at Home

Milkshakes are probably the most favorite drink of all aged people. It is one of the most iconic American desserts; it is cool, sweet, and comes in pretty much every flavor one desires. It is pretty easy to make and can be made with available ingredients at home. A person can decide right from the type of milk to the various components to make a milkshake with. Here is a list of milkshakes to make at home, which won’t take much of anyone’s time but will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth. The common ingredients are ice cream, milk, and sugar; … Read more

6 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is the favorite place for a weekend getaway. There are snow adventures, different treks, and the Himalayas; the food culture here is very different. It has its own specialty, a Pahadi touch. The Himachali thali (Dham) is famous, but besides that, there are famous and traditional sweets which you must try. After having the delicious thali, one ought to have a dessert. These are the foods to have when you have a sweet tooth. 6 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Himachal 1. Patande Himachal has its own pancakes. Patande was originated in the Sirmaur district of … Read more

10 Tempting Las Vegas Cuisines To Satisfy Your Palate

Las Vegas, Sin City, Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the massive and diverse culinary spectacle nestled in the heart of the city. Wolfgang Puck is mostly attributed for making the tantalizing Las Vegas Cuisine into the unique creation that it is. With the introduction of Puck’s famous Spago, the city has been a hub of splendid dishes and drinks. The streets are equally abundant with food. Las Vegas houses some of the most respectable celebrity chef restaurants. But it is not only limited to luxe and gourmet food. Las Vegas cuisine is multifaceted. The street food is … Read more

5 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Varanasi

The variability of desserts in Varanasi and their taste are some things one must explore when visiting the town. Most of the Varanasi desserts are made of milk and ghee bases like Mugdal, Sankat Mochan ke Laddoo, Parval Mithai, Kheer Mohan, and Launglata among others. This place serves a number of the simplest sugar delicacies of the town. The street desserts served here are bound to melt in your mouth and compel you to cheat on your diet sheet. 5 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Varanasi 1. MAGDAL Magdal is a specialty from Varanasi. Magdal is formed from … Read more

10 Famous Dishes From Disney Movies Recreated Out Of Fiction

Disney movies sprinkle the dust of magic and make everyone believe in a world full of fantasy imaginations. Disney movies rise beyond our imaginations with magical characters like princesses, toys, witches, and so much more beyond our thinking. While wanting this fantasy world to come alive, there are many animated dishes from creative minds rather than from the kitchen, which you would wish to experience but then realize it’s a movie. Those unfulfilled wishes of various foodies can finally come alive through these dishes recreated right out of the fiction and magic these Disney movies possess. 10 Famous Dishes From … Read more

15 Unusual Ways Of Preparing Hummus

Hummus is a chickpea dip or snack made from boiled and mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. It’s a popular dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, hummus is celebrated differently in various countries. Egyptians, for example, do it with cumin, while Israelis do it with paprika. It’s used in Palestine with mint and parsley. In Jordan, yogurt is often substituted for tahini, and butter is substituted for olive oil in Turkey for added creaminess. 15 Unusual Ways Of Preparing Hummus 1. Classic Hummus With Tahini  The best hummus, particularly when served with pita bread, … Read more

10 Vegetarian Dishes From Edible Flowers

The floral magic can alter any dish making them aesthetically appealing along with that extremely delectable and aromatic taste. The vibrant colours of many edible flowers from Zucchini flowers to Violets give a dish the sweetness and nutrition required. Edible flowers have been used in several dishes for the properties they possess. While moving further, some of the lip-smacking dishes that will make you want to try, here are a piece of advice to give. Edible flowers need to be selected, and there should be precautions kept to know whether or not the flowers have been treated with pesticides. If … Read more

4 Popular Winter Dishes OF Varanasi

Street food is an integral part of Indian culture and cuisine. There is a variety of street foods from across the country. The Celestial City of Varanasi is situated on the banks of the River Ganges within Uttar Pradesh, and its culture and tradition define its food. These winter delicacies are primarily prepared in desi ghee and mustard oil. Its people majorly influence the food of Varanasi. Here are some popular delicacies of Varanasi, especially available during winter. 4 Popular Winter Dishes OF Varanasi 1. CHOODA MATAR Chooda matar is the Varanasi version of poha. It is basically a winter treat of … Read more