50 Delicious Foods to Eat in Mumbai

Mumbai, India’s bustling metropolis, offers a diverse culinary landscape with a plethora of delicious foods to explore. Here’s a list of 50 foods to eat in Mumbai, along with brief descriptions of each: 50 Delicious Foods to Eat in Mumbai 1. Vada Pav Mumbai’s iconic street food, vada pav consists of a spicy potato fritter (vada) sandwiched between a soft bun (pav) and served with chutneys. 2. Pav Bhaji A popular street food dish, pav bhaji is a spicy vegetable mash served with buttered bread rolls (pav) and garnished with onions, lime, and coriander. 3. Pani Puri Also known as … Read more

104 Best Foods to Eat in Navratri

Navaratri is one of the biggest festivals in our country. It is celebrated with lots of happiness, glory, and, most importantly, garba nights. On Navaratri, Maa Durga’s nine forms are worshipped and cherished not only by pooja but also by fasting for days.  104 Best Foods to Eat in Navratri 1. Sabudana khichdi Well, sabudana khichdi is a healthy option to go for because it will make you full in less amount of consumption. It’s full of carbohydrates which makes you feel energetic while you are fasting.  Well, sabudana is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make sabudana … Read more

10 Best Vegetarian Thalis to Try Out in India

Thalis are like a small buffet, pampering your tongue through each flavor of all the dishes in one round platter. Thali is most famous in Southeast Asia and South Asia, while in India, 29 states have their own 29 thali, signifying their culture through their cuisine. Thali can be heavy on the stomach and confusing to the brain as you would never know where to start and what to eat next. Thali is filled with surprises as you never know or expect how a particular dish will turn out for you. Thali once considered a royalty meal is now served … Read more

30 Best Indian Mangoes

Mangoes are often referred to as the “king of fruits” and India is known for producing some of the finest varieties of mangoes in the world. With their sweet and juicy taste, Indian mangoes are a favorite among fruit lovers everywhere. In this article, we will explore 30 of the best Indian mangoes that you must try. 30 Best Indian Mangoes 1. Alphonso Alphonso mangoes are considered the king of mangoes in India. They have a rich, creamy texture and a sweet, aromatic flavor. Alphonso mangoes are known for their vibrant orange color and are often used to make delicious … Read more

10 Amazing Recipes with Mangoes

If you’re someone who waits the entire year for an epic mango season, we are here to tell you that there’s more than one way to enjoy the king of fruits right at your home. Here we bring you some items that are filled with your favorite fruit and are a must-try. Some of them are classics that you may have tried before and others are some completely new concepts, but each of them is filled with the flavors of sweet and tangy Mango season. 10 Amazing Recipes with Mangoes 1. Mango Sorbet Mango sorbet is a must try for … Read more


Condensed milk popularly known as Milkmaid has been part of our lives for a very long time now. A can of milkmaid sparks a joy in every household now thanks to Nestlé’s powerful marketing which brought numerous ideas to the public on how they can use milkmaid to make amazing sweet dishes. The sweet and gooey condensed milk can add richness to any ordinary recipe and make it better whether it’s your good old Kheer some delicious brownies or even homemade ice creams have been very common after Milkmaid became a part of our households and here are 5 recipes … Read more

11 Tasty Egg Dishes You Must Try Out

Grilling an egg is anyway an adventure since it encompasses procedure and accuracy. Kick off your morning on a healthy note with the popular dishes. Never will you go back for a simple omelet then. Here are egg tasty dishes that you must prepare. 11 Tasty Egg Dishes You Must Try Out 1. Egg Masala or Anda Curry Easy-boiled eggs enriched with a homemade flavor paste and an onion tempering. This egg masala can be a tremendous choice for meal parties or even an informal lunch. This is a short and super simple egg dish. With a pair of chapati … Read more

Top 15 Weird Food Items Which Include Pineapple

I had no idea that pineapples could be used so differently until and unless I came across with few dishes and recipes which is so weird to even imagine but I think it’s weird that’s why it is creating curiosity to know about it.  So, let’s follow up with a few dishes which may sound odd but they do exist. And it may become your favorite dish.  Top 15 Weird Food Items Which Include Pineapple 1. Pineapple Maggie Here comes the first recipe of pineapple which is pineapple Maggi.  Well people will never stop experimenting with Maggi that’s why I … Read more

Top 15 Dishes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Bitter Gourds

Would you believe it if we said that bitter gourd can be one of your favorite vegetables? Well, you will after you read this article till the end. Bitter gourd, also known as Karela is an underrated vegetable in most parts of the world. It is an instant ‘no’ for kids and for adults too. Though it has a bitter taste, the health properties that it contains are beyond words. It is a holy grail for diabetic patients, produces enzymes good for digestion, purifies blood, gives a natural glow, and is excessively rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Bitter gourd is … Read more

15 Types of Vada that Tastes Good

A crispy, deep-fried snack, made with a dal-based batter, yes, it’s vada!!! It is not only popular in South India, but all across the country. Vada can be described as fritters, doughnuts, or dumplings. 15 Types of Vada that Tastes Good 1. Masala vada   If you have been to South India, surely you wouldn’t have missed the appetizing aroma of masala vada being fried at tea stalls in almost every street corner. You can enjoy it hot with coconut chutney and a cup of tea or coffee. 2. Medu vada The variety of vada is an essential part of a … Read more

28 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of southern India’s Telangana state. A major center for the technology industry, it’s home to many upscale restaurants and shops. Hyderabadi cuisine is world-famous for its delicious biryanis and kebabs. Who can say no to a plate of steaming hot rice with bursting flavors? Here are some of the dishes you must try on your visit to Hyderabad. 28 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Hyderabad 1. Mirchi ka Salan Mirchi ka salan is a traditional Hyderabadi dish prepared in weddings and special occasions. It is a spicy dish served with rice or chapati. The mirchi (chilli) are … Read more

14 Street Food you must try out in Indore

Talking of street food in India, if there is one city that leaves everyone speechless with its variety, tastes, and usage of spices, it’s Indore. The city is like heaven for the foodies wishing to explore the varied Indian food items. “City of Foodies”, this name has been given to Indore because of its flavors, its variety of chaats and the wide range of street foods that is enough for a foodgasm for anyone. 14 Street Food you must try out in Indore 1. Poha-Jalebi A common breakfast item in the city, poha-jalebi is a spectacular combination of the spicy … Read more

22 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a coastal region famous all over India for its hot and tangy flavors. Rice, dal, and seafood are the staple diet of the people. Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading producers of red chili and rice. A variety of food is available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Tomato and tamarind are largely used for preparing curries all around this state. A variety of hot pickles forms an important part of the Telugu cuisine of Andhra Pradesh. Here are some delicacies from Andhra Pradesh that you’ll certainly love to try. 22 Must Try Food In Andhra Pradesh … Read more

Top 19 Samosa Varieties You’ll be Surprised to Know About

Do you feel samosas should be marked as the national snack of India? Well, Me too! The magical, crunchy, and zesty flavors of samosas just can’t be compared to any other food items in India. Samosa is not just famous in India but foodies from all over the world swoon over the taste of this puffy, relishing, and flavorful snack. You will find many variations of the stuffings of these samosas in our country. Let’s see what those are: Top 19 Samosa Varieties You’ll be Surprised to Know About 1. Vegetable Samosa The very common yet very favorite samosa variety … Read more

16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan

Japan is undoubtedly one of the world’s best culinary countries. One of the major draws for tourists to Japan is the cuisine. From quick snacks from street vendors to opulent meals created for monarchs and traditional dinners made by spry elders who presided over the kitchen for decades, Japan has it all. Consider the following dining events to make the most of your trip to Japan: 16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan 1. Kaiseki cuisine The cuisine and culture are combined in this Japanese eating experience. Kaiseki cuisine, or Japanese haute cuisine, is a multi-course meal made up of a … Read more

Shielding Your Eyes The Importance of UV Protection in Lens Replacement

When it comes to our eyes, we often prioritize style and clarity, overlooking a crucial aspect – UV protection in replacement lenses. Most of us are aware of the harmful effects of UV rays on our skin, but our eyes are just as vulnerable. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of UV protection in replacement lenses and why it should be a top consideration when choosing new lenses for your eyewear. Understanding Replacement Lenses Before we dive into the importance of UV protection, let’s clarify what replacement lenses are. Replacement lenses are the heart of your eyeglasses or … Read more