15 Impressive Snacks to Compliment Your Drink

Snacks are much needed while enjoying that relaxing glass of wine or whiskey after a tiring day. It could be traumatic to be unable to find something crunchy that goes excellently with the ever promising glass of booze. One would not prefer something too heavy or too light. The right balance of taste and crunch is what makes the drink even more happening! You can find some of the most iconic and delectable snacks that you would lovingly consume with your glass of delight. 15 Impressive Snacks to Compliment Your Drink 1. Peanuts Let us agree, Peanuts top the list … Read more

7 Varieties Of Japanese Noodles To Try Now

Noodles are one of the main dishes found in Japanese cuisine. Here are some of the most magical varieties of Japanese noodles preparations that you should try when visiting Japan.  7 Varieties Of Japanese Noodles To Try Now 1. Ramen  Ramen are thin, wheat noodles that are made fresh before serving. It’s the most popular noodle among all. There are different types of preparations which will zhoosh up the dish. Japan is known for its noodles and ramen is the favourite of all. Ramen noodles are made with wheat flour, kansui, water and salt. It’s mostly had with chicken soup, … Read more

9 Awesome Food-Inspired Cocktails You Should Try Now

Cocktails are alcohol-based drinks that acquire the flavor of sugar syrup, cream, fruit juices, or whatever is added as a compliment. These food-inspired cocktails are well known for warming and lighting up your party and completing the feel of every celebration. So let’s embrace a variety of food-inspired cocktails that will provide you with the same health benefit, taste, and enjoyment too. One should keep in mind that they must be 21 years or older to consume any alcoholic beverages. If you’re under 21, check out our recommendation for some brilliant mocktails. 9 Awesome Food-Inspired Cocktails You Should Try Now … Read more

The Art Of Kimchi-Making With 5 Popular Kimchis

Kimchi has recently been all rage. It is a national dish for both North and South Korea. Thanks to the Mukbangers of YouTube, this Korean dish has welcomed a fair share of international fans. But what is it about this Kimchi that has people so enticed? And can you make it with your brand of amazing? Well, keep reading to find out more about the art of Kimchi-making. Origin Of Kimchi The art of making Kimchi can be traced back to as far back as 37 BC. Refrigerators were definitely not a thing back then, so people pickled literally anything … Read more

10 Yummy 5-Minute Meals You Should Try Now

Have you ever come up together with your signature 5-minute meals? A fast snack or a beverage recipe is kind of a blessing at moments of hunger twinges that happen either late at midnight or in the middle of the day or even when you have guests at home unexpectedly and don’t have time to cook detailed meals or snacks. At such times, quick and simple or rather 5-minute meals recipes come as a blessing! Whoever said that cooking requires spending long hours within the kitchen certainly didn’t know the fun part of it. There are an entire lot of … Read more

10 Weird Food Combinations That Taste Good

Is it just us, or have we all experimented with some really weird food combinations when we are too hungry to cook a meal or just straight-up bored? We can’t be the only ones. Here is our list of the weirdest food items that make a whole new snack when mixed together and taste quite incredible too!  10 Weird Food Combinations That Taste Good 1. Nachos and Mac ‘n’ Cheese Not so weird, but this is just the start of it. We love mixing nachos to leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese to give it a whole new flavour and added crunch … Read more

7 Exciting Delhi Food Hotspots To Check Out Soon

There is so much to explore in Delhi, but most search for the food it serves. We are here to bring you a list of the best Delhi food hotspots that you cannot miss out on. One can find hawkers and cafes on almost every street in the city, that’s why foodies love this city so much. But what about those who are new to this food journey? Who simply wants to explore the delicacies the city has to offer? Fikar not, as we bring you some recommendations for the places, you must give your tongue the chance to do … Read more

20 Delicious Avocado Recipes To Try Now

Many people have often thought that avocado is a vegetable, no it is not. It is a pear-shaped berry fruit, YES, it is a fruit! Of late, avocado has been a go-to ingredient for several delicious avocado recipes by people looking to incorporate a portion of healthy food into their diet. This superfood is packed with calories. One ounce has about 50 calories. Avocados are also high in fats, but they kind which is good for your health and is also packed with 25 different minerals and vitamins. 20 Delicious Avocado Recipes To Try Now 1. Avocado Banana Smoothie This … Read more

9 Dry Fruits to Eat for A Healthy Life

Dry fruits are fruits from which the majority of the original water content has been taken out, mainly through sun drying. They are rich in minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins, and in addition, they are tasty too. They make an excellent and healthy replacement for our daily snack cravings. Dry fruits are generally considered expensive to be devoured in our daily diet, but these healthy little fruits are a host of a variety of health-benefiting properties. They help people to maintain their health in a good way. And dry fruits are usually said so to be a good source of … Read more

10 Best Burgers to Try Out In the US

Is there any food more quintessentially American than burgers? The simple sandwich-burger of ground beef on a bun has thousands of variations, and when done properly, there are few types more delicious. There are an inch or so thick patties that drip juice down your arm, these are fast food-style burgers in the USA. There are thin patties cooked on a griddle that gets an ample crust, and finally, there are the high-end models with high price tags that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status. So if you are a real burger fan or want to experience the best … Read more

10 Outdoor Snacks to Surprise Your Guests

Whether you’re craving something chewy, crunchy, salty, or sweet, these outdoor snacks are sure to please you! These simple snack ideas are super easy to make and will get you through the day without jogging for a candy jar. Don’t have time to make one of those extended recipes for your party? Try our favourite! We bring you these finger-licking outdoor snacks that are healthy, easy to make at home, and a perfect menu to surprise your guests. 10 Outdoor Snacks to Surprise Your Guests 1. Potato Skins This could be your absolute favorite appetizer recipe! These easy baked potato … Read more

Top 15 Popular Korean Dishes To Refresh Your Taste Buds

Talk of the town, South Korea has walked into the hearts of people all around the world with its music and popular Korean dishes. With music groups like BTS and Blackpink as well as Academy Award-winning movie Parasite, the Korean wave is hard to miss! Why then must the food industry lag behind? Here are fifteen of the most popular Korean dishes that will surprise you:- Top 15 Popular Korean Dishes To Refresh Your Taste Buds 1. Mul Naengmyeon/ 물냉면 Mul Naengmyeon is a noodle dish primarily served in an icy cold broth. It is here to chase your summers … Read more

13 Spicy Vegan Dishes You Need To Try Now

Vegan food means boiled vegetables or a salad in a bowl; this is what a lot of people imagine. Vegan food does not mean that it would always be boring and bland. Spicy vegan dishes comprise a variety of amazing and nutritious plant-based meals that have many health benefits. It helps in losing weight, and also increases your fibre intake and helps you get glowing skin. Vegan food can be amazingly delicious when prepared by adding some spices or scrumptiously spicy sauces. So, here are some of the delightful spicy vegan dishes that would make everyone go vegan crazy. 13 … Read more

10 Brilliant Superfoods For Men’s Health

In these times, growing concerns with our immunity and health only shed light on how men’s health needs can be different from women’s. Eating the same foods as your partner might not necessarily keep you as fit and healthy as you’d like. Our list of superfoods for men provides you with a simple solution. No matter the age, keeping the diet of the right nutrients and superfoods with an addition of good exercise is key to staying healthy, lean, and strong. Your diet can help fight diseases and keep you fit. What Is A Superfood? A superfood could be a … Read more

12 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Nepal

Nepal – A small landlocked country in South East Asia with people from different ethnic backgrounds is also home to a variety of delicious Nepalese street food dishes that remain unexplored to the larger world. The streets of Nepal, with an air of Buddhist purity in them, also have a plethora of dishes to offer apart from their iconic momos, and it’s time to explore a few. 12 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Nepal 1. Chatamari Tracing its origin from the Newari cuisine of Nepal, Chatamari is also known as ‘Newari pizza’ or ‘Nepali pizza.’ It is … Read more

13 Breakfast Dishes Around the World

The delicious savory breakfast dish is ideal for anyone who is looking to start their day with protein and a boost of energy. Here are globally inspired breakfast dishes from delicious Shakshuka that has its roots in Israel to a sweet porridge recipe from Ethiopia. There are plenty of examples of traditional globally inspired breakfast dishes that illuminate unique flavor combinations and regional ingredients. Here is a list of the most favorite and delicious dishes that can be served as breakfast or at the time of brunch. These have originated in different parts of the world. They have been inspired … Read more