10 Must-Try Vegetarian Delights In Old Delhi

Old Delhi, or Delhi-6, is the historic heart of the city. It is known for its hustle-bustle, culture, diversity, shopping, and, most importantly, its food. Thousands of people across the world come all the way to try the amazing, diversified local cuisine. This place shares a very close relationship with the Mughal Era. Every street, every gully, every shop, and every wall has a story to tell. Here, everyone is welcome – vegetarians, non-vegetarians, or vegans. You’ll find the aroma of food in every nook and cranny of this place. This is the place of food, hence, the place of … Read more

15 Must-Try Healthy Smoothie Bowls

Smoothies are one of those things that everyone savors. Whether you are looking for an easy-to-make breakfast or eating healthy after an intense workout, smoothies act as a saver in both cases. Smoothies are thick in texture and can be eaten with a spoon or a straw. There is a whole range of healthy and exotic smoothies that will not only spoil you but make you robust. 15 Must-Try Healthy Smoothie Bowls 1. Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl This smoothie is a must-try for all the health-conscious people out there. It is a combination of berries and bananas mainly. Use frozen … Read more

25 Best Macaron Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth

Macaron is the finest dessert if you crave something sweet with a high-end taste. A macaron features a delicate mix of sweetness and other flavors. It’s usually extremely pricey due to its two main ingredients and the knowledge required to create the smooth, light, non-sticky one! With only one bite, it transports you to the streets of Paris. 25 Best Macaron Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth 1. Classic Chocolate Macarons  High-end bakeries are known for their chocolate macarons. Before sinking your teeth into the chewy goodness in the center, take a first bite that breaks through the crisp outer coating. … Read more

10 Types Of Golgappas You Didn’t Know About

Golgappas are such a versatile street food loved by almost everyone! They are deep-fried crisps filled with a mixture of boiled chickpeas and potatoes, topped with tamarind sauce, and dipped in green chili water. This is how a classic golgappa is made. However, to spice up your palate and level it up, we present you with a list of very extraordinary golgappas that you have to try out at least once in your life. 10 Types Of Golgappas You Didn’t Know About 1. Makhani Golgappe This. This right here is revolutionary. We didn’t know that we needed these in our … Read more

15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home

What’s better than some toast for breakfast? You can come up with many other dishes with bread. If you’re someone who is a fan of cooking from scratch, you need to try these amazing dishes with their main ingredient as bread, something which we always have in our kitchen at all times. So make use of your time at home and try out these amazing recipes. 15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home 1. Bread Mud Brownie If you don’t like going through the hassle of making brownies but still want to have them, then this recipe is … Read more

10 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Spain

Spanish is known worldwide for its rich history and culture. And what adds further to its beauty is the range of famous Spanish cuisines which are the most-loved cuisines in the world. Spanish cuisine is one of the most vibrant and diverse foods in the world. From Paella to Fabada and all kinds of cured meats, traditional Spanish dishes are gaining fame in the global culinary scene. Spain has tons of delicious foods to try with each city and region having its own specialties. Spain embraces its past and shows its beauty through various dishes. 10 Local Foods You Must … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sydney

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, is among the top twenty most visited cities in the world. This influx of tourists would like to taste the traditional food items that are popular in Sydney. Below is a compilation of the dishes that you must not miss out on while you are touring Sydney. Do let us know about your favorite dish in the comments. 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Sydney 1. Barbecued Snags An Australian barbecue will satisfy your hunger and salivate your mouth. These sausages are skimmed with garlic butter, and then barbecued. Thus, when you … Read more

The Origin Of Idli Sambhar

No! This is neither the story of any struggler nor the story of our website. It is not anything that you are thinking right now, not even the start of blogs. This is something different, very diverse yet specific. Can you make a guess what this write-up is all about? Well, you got it! This is actually a journey of our favorite food item (even in Sri Lanka). Almost everybody’s favorite, it has curry (daal) with it and is a breakfast item. The blog specifically talks about the origin of the dearest Idli Sambhar. Idli Sambhar is best loved by … Read more

An Amazing Recipe For Opium You Can Try At Home

You might have thought of taking drugs or alcohol to forget your pain or to enjoy. Most of us rely on alcoholic beverages when it comes to drinks. But have you ever wondered what other uses alcohol has? Or, for that matter, any such item? Certainly not, but you would be amazed to see its benefits for one such drug. As the title suggests, Opium or Afeem is one such component beneficial for other things. Have a look at those “other things.” Opium is a sedative drug which is used for relaxation and other pleasures. Banned in countries like Australia, … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Biryani You Must Know

We all can agree to the fact that Biryani = LOVE. Be it Hyderabadi, Mughlai or Lucknowi, this irresistible concoction of rice prepared by using a multitude of spices is an absolute delight to the taste buds. But, Biryani is not any ordinary dish. It has got a rich history to its credit, inundated with several interesting facts which you would be amazed to discover. 10 Interesting Facts about Biryani You Must Know 1. The origin Our humble Biryani has been satisfying the hunger of the human kind not only for years, but centuries. Biryani is a native of Persia. … Read more

The History Behind India’s Most Loved Snack samosa

The origin of the word Samosa comes from the Persian word Sanbosag. In India, this popular Indian snack has a number of names. In Bengal, it is called Shingara and in Odisha, it is called Shingada. Goa and the country of Portugal have adopted the same name and call it Chamuca, and in Hyderabad it is known as Lukhmi. For all of us who love to eat Indian snacks, eating samosas is something that goes in unison with it. Crispy, triangular, and golden-fried, samosas have been extremely popular in India for almost eight centuries now. Many people are under the … Read more

The History behind most loved beverage in India Tea

Tea is the absolute favorite beverage of Indians. Whether the person is poor or rich, they all have a special corner for tea. Tea is an emotion in India, as shown in the history of tea. For most people, their day doesn’t begin without a cup of tea. One exciting but not unknown fact is that India is the number one tea consumer and consumes around 30% of global output. So let’s talk about the history of tea and more! What is the cost of the most expensive tea bag in the world? It is worth £7000, and it is … Read more

How to Construct the Perfect Cheese Platter

Cheese has been around for over 7500 years, and we have been enjoying its flavors and textures for a while now. Paired with bread and a glass of wine or champagne, the taste of cheese is luscious. A well-constructed cheese platter is sure going to be a show-stopper at your next party. A cheese platter takes less than 20 minutes to arrange and requires absolutely no cooking. A perfect and delicious appetizer to serve to your guests! So how to construct the perfect cheese platter? Read along to know tips on how to do so. What You Require: Utensils and … Read more

The Journey of Maggi in India

When we talk about midnight hunger pangs, Maggi is the first thing that comes to our mind. Maggi is very easy to make and it gets ready in 2 minutes. It is one of the most loved and largest food brands in India. At every nook and corner, we can see famous Maggi points selling different varieties of Maggi. The starting point of the journey of Maggi Maggi noodles was started in 1984 by Nestle. Initially their target audience were the children. It was therefore positioned as a snack for children which was easy to cook and gets ready in 2 … Read more

22 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Scotland

Scotland has a different food culture than England. There is an abundance of seafood, dairy products, vegetables, etc. It also has a large scale of European immigration that brought with them different food cultures and had a major impact on the culture as well. Scotland is mainly famous for its whiskey. For ages, it has been known for the production of whiskey. Definitely, it is more than that. 22 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Scotland 1. Haggis Haggis tops the list as it is the most famous dish here since the 16th century. It is the national dish of … Read more