13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse, and bustling cities. The west coast seaport in British Columbia is not only famous for the filming locations but is also famous for the delicious cuisine. The following are some dishes without trying that you shouldn’t leave Vancouver. 13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Vancouver 1. Candied Salmon The fresh-water salmon fish are smoked until they become jerky. They are then coated with something sweet like sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar with a little bit of kosher salt. Since maple trees are found in abundance in Canada, maple syrup is … Read more

18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Louisiana

Louisiana is a Southern U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico., rich in culture and food. Their Creole and Cajun cuisine is heaven for non-veg lovers who want to try everything. In many places, street food is sold on food trucks. They celebrate their food by holding food festivals. The last was held at Baton Rouge, LA on January 19th, 2019. Here are some dishes that are a must-try when you are in this beautiful place next time. 18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Louisiana 1. Gumbo Gumbo tops the list as it is one of the dishes common … Read more

10 Delicious Foods to Eat In Hawaii

When one thinks of Hawaii, the first thought that often comes to mind is the dazzling sunsets, the blue ocean and a good time on the beach. However, along with the wonderful sites, the local cuisine often tends to leave a stronger and better impression of the place. Here is a list of some of the food items that are an absolute must when visiting Hawaii 10 Delicious Foods to Eat In Hawaii 1. Saimin Noodles Often confused with its Japanese counterpart ramen, Saimin is inspired by it but has a taste and complexity of its own. It is the … Read more

10 Best Beverages to Try Out in Mexico

Mexico is not only known for its street food dishes but also for its local beverages. Traditional Beverages of Mexico are more than vodka, tequilas, and other alcohol-tainted drinks. So if you get to flourish into the major cities of Mexico which would include Puebla, Haeden, Monterrey, Tijuana, Mexicali, Kamala, and Comila, the list covers the major local drinks offered in the streets of Mexico which are not only good to the taste buds but also Healthy for your Body. The drinks listed usually go well for full meals or even for dishes like tacos. 10 Best Beverages to Try … Read more

12 Most Popular Street Foods to Eat in America

When it comes to tasting the best street food around the globe, American street food does cross our minds. America is the dream destination every person would want to visit during their lifetime. There is absolutely no chance that one would be oblivious of the scrumptious food around the streets of the nation. Every corner of the country has something tempting and delicious to offer, leaving our taste buds craving for more. 12 Most Popular Street Foods to Eat in America 1. American Hot Dog One of the most savored street foods by the American natives is Hot Dog. It … Read more

10 Best Street Foods to Eat in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best countries when it comes to street food. Mexican street food is also called antojitos, which translates into little cravings. While most of these foods are eaten as snacks, they are usually so good that they can definitely replace a full meal. Whether you are craving something spicy or sweet, want to try dishes such as tacos in their place of origin, or are just looking for healthy food options, Mexico is the place to go. Whether you’re looking for classic Mexican street food, or want to try something less-known, this list covers it all. … Read more

8 Most Outrageously Expensive Dishes Around The World

Food is something that drives our stomachs crazy. From a double cheese burst pizza to a Chappan bhog thali, any dish, from any cuisine, it’s all the same for the foodies. What’s the most expensive dish have you ever ordered? A platter, or a good fancy cuisine? What does it cost you? A thousand bucks? Well, that’s what we can assume a high price for a dish. Unfortunately, that’s not the only limit if the bar is set too high. 8 Most Outrageously Expensive Dishes Around The World 1. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake These golden cupcakes are located in the … Read more