7 Addictive Types Of Sev!

Sev or bhujia are two totally different things that look quite similar. Most of the northern states serve bhujia to their people of several different tastes and colors! There are new products coming up every time in the market, but sev is classic. It’s been more than 200 years since sev was first made.

But unlike bhujia, sev is basically an item of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh’s financial capital, Indore, has so much to provide, but sev is the most popular. What is most favored is the spicy taste it offers to its people. There are other varieties of sev found in the state of Madhya Pradesh, mainly in Ratlam and Indore.

Here’s A Guide To The 7 Addictive Types Of Sev:

1. Indori Sev

Types Of Sev
Source: tasteofindore

The tasty, crunchy, and spicy world-famous Indori sev is available only in Madhya Pradesh. Indoris even prepare sev ki sabzi, sev ka paratha, or put it on the famous Indori poha. This is a standard sev, useful for every food item. Indoris have a habit of putting this on whatever they eat. Made with chickpea flour, many tasty dishes are prepared because of its diverse nature and availability. This was the first type introduced to the consumers.

2. Tomato Sev

Source: NeelamFoodland

Tamatar sev, or Tomato Sev, is yet another delightful type of sev, which is red in color. Its shape and structure are somewhat similar to bhujia, but is indigenously prepared in Ratlam and Indore. Tomato Sev is mostly liked by kids or teenagers because of its sweet and unique taste. It is mostly eaten separately and can be easily found in homes and in markets. This was a modification in the family of sev to experiment with the appetite and target a different age group.

3. Pineapple Sev

Source: IndiaMart

Adding to its exclusiveness, an additional taste of sev arrives. Pineapple is known by all, but very few people know about its use in sev. Yellowish in color, pineapple is used to make a favorable, mouth-watering sev. It tastes just like pineapple, so in areas where it is not easily accessible, people can savor this. It is small in size, crispy and pleasing.

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4. Palak Sev

Source: neelamfoodland-sg

No worries if you don’t like spinach; get this Palak Sev and experience a new taste of spinach with besan. Palak sev is green and is richer in iron than any other type of sev. This sev has the biggest customer base because its target group is generally the adult section. Parents make their children eat this sev with chapattis. It is difficult to resist palak sev when you are a sev lover.

5. Orange Sev

Source: IndiaMart

Well, who doesn’t like having an orange? Indore’s specialty of sev production has another masterpiece for you, Orange Sev. This is a well-known taste because it is simply made with oranges and, hence, has an orange color. Among all these flavored sev, orange is loved by almost everyone. Many brands have started producing it, but the originality lies here, in the local streets and confectioners of Indore. Orange sev is not for experimenting with different dishes but for having a refreshing time during your short breaks! It is eaten along with many tasty dishes such as sev puri, chaat, dahi puri, etc.

6. Lehsun Sev

Source: yummytummyaarthi

Lehsun or Garlic sev has a separate fan base. It is prepared both in Ratlam and Indore, and it is the tastiest of all! This sev attracts consumers because of its spiciness with a pinch of garlic. Owing to its absolute identity, the taste is recognized and appreciated in the region. A suitable type for all spice lovers who can tolerate any level of spice in their food!

7. Ratlami Sev

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

The most famous type of namkeen, having a Geographical Indication (GI) since 2014, Ratlami sev is a perfect snack for your gossip sessions, chai time, or any informal meetings. Ratlami sev is the most diversified and is eaten on all food items such as poha, bhel, sev puri, dahi puri, pani puri, sandwich, puff, and with every heavy meal as well. This sev is connected to Boondi, in the northern side of India, simply known as sev-bundi. It is perhaps the biggest sensation in the group of sevs.

Sev is, therefore, a trend in the market. Being a renowned snack item, sev embraces its customers with a variety of colors and tastes while not losing its identity. It is a munch-worthy food item in offices, homes, and even hostels. If you are fond of namkeen, you will surely admire it.

How many of these types of sev have you tried? If not, then you are missing out!

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