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When talking about the various wonderful cuisines of the world, Kenya is not the first one to come in mind. However, this country has some of the most exotic cuisines of the world. The foods in Kenya are a wonderful mix of the traditions of various tribes that live there. The food is also highly inspired from India.

1) Ugali


The ugali is perhaps the most popular one of all. Ugali is a dish which is mainly consisting of maize flour or millet flour. The flour is added to boiling water and the heating is done until a dense texture is obtained. It then resembles a rather grainy dough.The dish, along with side dishes of vegetables and stew is a common dish.

2) Irio

Another popular dish of Kenya, the dish is a combination of mash potatoes and peas. Green peas and potatoes are boiled and mashed. To this, kernels of corn is often added in as well. This is because the corn provides texture and crunchiness to the dish. This is an extremely heavy dish and perfect for the vegetarians.

3) Sukuma Wiki

What health freak doesn’t love kale? This makes this dish the perfect one for those conscious about their health. The kale is cut and then cooked in oil. To this, we add vegetables like tomatoes, onions and also a hint of a secret Kenyan ingredient. The secret ingredient is mchuzi mix, which is a popular Kenyan flavoring agent. It is a simple dish but very nutritious and cheap.

4) Stew

Kenya boasts of a variety of stews, ranging from beef stew, goat stew or even chicken stew. Stew is the heart of Kenyan cooking and therefore an important dish. The base is often vegetable based like tomatoes, onions etc. The sauce used is tomato base and don’t forget a hint of mchuzi mix.

5) Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma, simply put is roasted meat. It is often served alongside ugali. You eat it using your hands and only with salt and pepper on top. The best ones are from the street vendors and this dish will no doubt fill your stomach.

6) Chips Mayai

There are two foods which are the guilty pleasure of every foodie. One is the delicious omelette and the other, french fries. Now imagine a dish that combines the two and you get Chips Mayai. It is a rather odd version of junk food but perhaps one that is a must taste,even if just for novelty.

7) Mandazi

The Kenya version of a doughnut, Mandazi is a popular breakfast item along with tea. Sweet in taste, the dish is made by frying dough in oil. The dough is flavoured by using coconut milk. The sweet smell of Mandazi will allure you from far away.

8) Kuku Paka

This one is definitely for the chicken lovers. The dish is a curry which is also something that someone who craves Indian food can try. The curry has a coconut base. The chicken is also grilled before adding it in the curry. Definitely a must try for those homesick travelers.

9) Kenyan Burgers

Definitely not something traditional but Kenyan burgers have a flavor of their own. The burgers vary depending on the shops and their cooking methods. Some like to deep fry their meat while others grill their patty. This gives a wide variety to their burgers and you can definitely find something you like.

10) Samosas

Surprise, Surprise. Bet you didn’t expect to see this food on this list. Surprisingly Kenya has adopted our Indian samosa and given it a Kenyan twist. You can find samosas everywhere in Kenya, from street vendors to more high end ones. Seeing samosas will definitely make you think twice about whether you are truly in Kenya or back home in India.

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