Top 20 Types Of Gujiya To Try This Holi

Holi marks an auspicious occasion in the Hindu culture that celebrates the onset of the spring season and the blossoming of love, and a new chapter in life. Holi is not just a festival of hues but also lots of feasting. There are many special treats on this occasion, such as malpua, dahi vada, and, best of all, gujiya. We all have an immense love for gujiya, which is crunchy, sugar-dipped, and filled with lovely and tasty mawa and dry fruits and whatnot. Did you know there are myriad culinary ways you can enjoy gujiya?

Have a look at the top 20 types of gujiya to try this holi:

1. Perukiya

This delicious variant of gujiya hails from Bihar, where it rules the local shops and is regarded as the most-chosen sweet of all. The filling contains mawa and loads of sugary syrup that tastes heavenly. If you ever visit eastern states like Bihar, you got to try these babies.

2. Rabdi Gujiya

The concoction of thick, creamy, luscious rabdi infused with sugar syrup, khoya, dry fruits, elaichi, and cardamom as the filling is definitely a must-try. This is the hittest gujiya variant you will try.

3. Ghugra

This is the Gujarati special gujiya variant that every Gujarati adores. All the wonderful ground spices of India, like nutmeg, cardamom powder, saffron, and cinnamon, toss up together to make these exceptionally yummy sweet treats.

4. Apple Gujiya

Apples are good for health, but they are also good to add an extra fun taste to your gujiyas. Chop the apples into small thin cubes and add them to the filling, including other spices such as cardamon, dry fruits, etc. Feel free to customize and bring the best out of our favorite gujiya.

5. Gulkand Gujiya

Holi is just incomplete without the incredible flavors of our favorite homemade sweetmeats. Gulkand is one such item that needs no introduction as they are everyone’s personal favorite. Try your favorite gulkand as your gujiya filling, along with other spices, and thank us later.

6. Chocolate Gujiya

This sounds like a weird combination, but it is actually a new trend and a huge hit amongst the new generations. The inner filling of gujiya is filled with chocolate and favorite nuts. The crunchy, nutty filling, along with the goodness of chocolate, is hard not to try.

7. Bhaang Gujiya

Holi is the only occasion when people consume bhaang without any guilt. This is something that you can try if you are fine with having bhaang on certain occasions. Just add a spoonful of bhaang to your mawa filling in your regular gujiya.

8. Coconut Gujiya

Coconut goes with everything and anything and makes it much more mesmerizing than before. The filling consists of coconut shreddings, mawa, and dry fruits. This wondrous gujiya will definitely add a sweet shine to your celebrations.

9. Nevri

The magical treat from the pandora of Mahrashtra’s amazing sweet items, nevri, is the most cherished and loved sweet meat loved by Marathis on every little occasion, especially Holi. The filling contains coconut, semolina, and all the spices you wish to add according to your preference.

10. Dahi Gujiya

This gujiya variant is far different from all kinds of gujiya you have ever had. It includes a tangy, spicy, sweet, and a bit of salty taste. These go best with some thandai on occasions like Holi and are even loved by kids too.

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11. Halwa Gujiya

Gujiya with your favorite halwa, like gajar ka halwa, moong dal ka halwa, or sooji ka halwa, can be added as a filling and enjoyed with your loved ones. It has the combination of two spectacular dishes, which give a sugar rush with every bite. Do try!

12. Baked Gujiya

This variation of gujiya comes on a much healthier side because it is baked and not deep-fried. You can grab these sweet treats as much as you like, too, without a pang of guilt.

13. Oats Gujiya

If you are someone who likes oats but wants to experiment too, try these oats gujiya by adding oats to milk with dry fruits, sugar, or stevia and all the extra ingredients you like. This will be a fun way to add taste and variety to your daily boring oats porridge.

14. Matar Gujiya

A traditional Maharashtrian dish that comes on a little spicy and saltier side. A bunch of peas is crushed and mixed with salt and spices, along with your favorite chutneys on the side. A perfect tea snack for you and your family.

15. Fruit Gujiya

Gujiya is one such sweet item that can be played around with each and everything. You can add anything you wish, and it will come out to be just exceptional. This fruit gujiya is one such variant. Take your favorite fruit and slice it into small pieces and add it with mawa and dry fruits and enjoy!

16. Jam Gujiya

Jam gujiya sounds like a weird combination, but you can definitely try it, as this tastes luscious and is an all-time favorite, especially for kids.

17. Nutella Gujiya

Nutella is a savior for most of us when we are not in the mood for too many frills but also want the taste. You can add ingredients such as bananas, dry fruits, etc., to enhance the flavors and taste.

18. Daal Gujiya

If you are looking for a perfect evening snack, then you should try this daal gujiya as you need your preferable daals, like moong daal or chana daal, and add spices to it. Take pudina chutney or tamarind chutney for the ultimate foodgasm.

19. Boondi Gujiya

If you love boondis, then you can add it to your regular gujiya filling and add a luscious taste to your gujiya. Take sweet boondis and crush them off, add them to mawa, and add dry fruits. You will love every bit of the taste of it.

20. Namkeen Gujiya

This particular gujiya variant is something that you can explore and experiment with as much as you like. Add your favorite ingredients like aloo, peas, and paneer with extra spices and take your favorite mint chutney on the side and grab on!

While reading this article, you must have been craving a gujiya. Then pick your favorite gujiya variant, gather the ingredients and enjoy this beautiful delicacy at your home.

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