Top 17 Indian Winter Beverages You Need To Sip On!

Winters are all about cozy blankets and hot beverages. The beautiful weather, cozy blankets, and cuddly sweaters ask you to indulge yourself in flavorful beverages that are not just yummy to the core but also heartwarming for your mind and soul. We present to you a list of assorted Indian beverages you can indulge yourself in when the mercury dips.

Have a look at the top 17 Indian winter beverages you need to sip on!

1. Masala Chai

What could be more satisfying than a ginger masala chai in winter? This is certainly the elixir of life that tastes heavenly, especially on chilly winter mornings. You will find local shops or vendors selling kulhad masala chai early in the morning in every nook and corner of India.

2. Badam Milk

Milk is the ultimate thing for most of the ideal drinks for winter. If you’re someone who is ready to get up and do some cooking, then try this badam milk and thank us later. Just warm up some milk and blend some peeled almonds, cardamom, saffron, and sugar on the side and make a smooth paste. Add the mixture to the boiled milk, and done. Sprinkle some saffron on top for added richness.

3. Kahwa Tea

The beauty of Kashmir, kahwa tea, can compel you to visit Kashmir just for the authentic taste of it. It is infused with rich Indian aromatic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron. Every sip of this beauty is a ride to heaven.

4. Shorba

Soups in all forms are yummy and delightful for our minds and souls. Shorba is one such soup dish that is extensively nutritious and an apt item to sip on in chilly winters. Shorbas can be either veg or non-vegetarian, be it a tomato shorba or a chicken shorba, according to your preferences, and both choices are just lip-smackingly amazing.

5. Kanji

The winter seasonal fruits and vegetables are vitally nutritious and are absolutely necessary to be savored to keep our bodies healthy and sane. This seasonal drink is made of power-packed ingredients such as black carrots and beetroots. The black carrots are fermented and then blended to make the wondrous and enticing drink.

6. Noon Chai

As serene and gorgeous like the Kashmir Valley, the food too is outrageously delicious. Noon chai is one such wonderful item of Kashmir, popularly known as pink tea. It has the unique and raw essence of Kashmir hills and its scenic beauty. The tea leaves are brewed with baking soda and cardamon to make this masterpiece. This is definitely a perfect pick for winter!

7. Hot Chocolate

Winters and hot chocolates are the best combinations ever! Perfect hot chocolate with marshmallows floating over it on a chilly Christmas evening, dreamy right? We all deserve a piping hot cup of hot chocolate mixed with sprinkles of cinnamon and a cake on the side, don’t we?

8. Mushroom Tea

As the name suggests, this tea is made with the goodness of mushrooms. Mushrooms, specifically lingzhi or psychedelic mushrooms, are infused to make this highly nutritious drink that helps with nausea, reduces blood pressure, and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Swap this drink with your evening chais, and you’ll thank us!

9. Hot Toddy

Winters and colds go hand in hand, and it is quite annoying to handle those nasal congestions and the constant sneezing and coughing in this season. This hot toddy is more of a cough reliever and also a cocktail you can hop on anytime. It features herbs like cardamom, cloves, lemon, and whiskey with water with a pinch of nutmeg.

10. Turmeric And Honey Milk

Turmeric milk or turmeric latte is an authentic Indian drink every Indian swears by when they get ill or physically injured. It has wonderful healing properties, reduces inflammation, and boosts immunity and brain functions. The magical powers of this drink make it popularly known as the ‘Golden Drink of India.’

11. Rasam

An authentic south Indian staple, rasam is one of the most delightful and appealing food items in south Indian cuisine. It has a soupy texture that features rich exotic Indian spices such as mustard and cumin seeds, fenugreek, black pepper, etc., including tomato and tamarind juice that gives that zesty and tangy taste altogether. Pair it with rice or have it in the form of soups, and you’ll fall in love with every version of it.

12. Ginger Tea

If you need that instant warmth after being out in the chilly weather, try this ginger tea, as it not only gives warmth to your soul and mind but also has some great cold-resisting properties for sneezing, coughing, etc. All you need to do is scrape the skin of ginger and add water to a saucepan and give it a boil. Squeeze some lemon and enjoy!

13. Mulled Wine

Winter is officially the ‘mulled wine season’ as this season asks for the taste of wine along with spices added to it that not just take the taste to another level but bring a new and Indian taste to the wine. It consists of wine with added sugar and spices such as cinnamon and cloves and is served hot, which is why it is also known as “spiced wine.”

14. Kadha

An easy-to-make ayurvedic drink that has wonderful healing agents that help with coughs, sinuses, headaches, seasonal flu, etc. Kadha has gained a lot of attention during the pandemic because of its super amazing healing properties, which can be your go-to medicine for winter flu.

15. Hot Buttered Rum

This drink is a concoction of alcohol with some great spices such as cloves, nutmegs, black pepper, and cinnamon which amplifies the taste of the rum. Beat sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and salt in a bowl and blend it until it gets a smooth fine texture. Add rum with boiling water and mix until the mixture dissolves. It is heavenly; try at your own risk!

16. Bajra Raab

Indian pearl millet drink, also known as bajra raab, is a Rajasthani drink that is a stunning power and immunity booster and helps to fight common and seasonal flu. People in Rajasthan prefer this drink to ward off the desert cold.

17. Besan Ka Sheera

Made with the goodness of besan, ghee, jaggery or sugar, and spices. This sheera can act as your go-to dessert for the winter season. It not just tastes delicious but also has healing properties to fight off the harsh winter cold.

That’s the beauty of Indian cuisine. Apart from providing relief from ailments, the foods have no competition when it comes to delectable taste. Hope you enjoy your winter with these amazing beverages!

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