Top 16 Dishes you must try out when In Darjeeling

The city that conjures a vision of perfect scenery and the serenity of vibrant green hills, Darjeeling is one of the magnificent hill resorts in the world. From the heavenly visuals, perfect pupil gatherings and its lip-smacking delicacies await your presence. Let’s take a look at some popular Darjeeling’s treats:

Top 16 Dishes you must try out when In Darjeeling

1. Thukpa


A strong-rooted Tibetan cuisine, Thukpa is a hot noodle soup. A flavorsome meal with a tinge of spice and Hakka Noodles is definitely admired across the city. If in search of the best one, Dekevas Restaurant is a place to visit.

2. Traditional Nepali Thali

Traditional Nepali Thali

A palette of excellent flavors, the traditional Nepali Thali is a meal to binge on! A combination of simple daily food delivers fantastic taste to relish. The dish consists of satisfactory ‘daal’, ‘bhaat’, ‘tarkaari’, ‘chutney’, and a special complimentary sweet to end it on a good note.

3. Sael Roti

Sael Roti

Have you ever heard of different varieties of roti? No right. The simple daily homemade rotis in a completely new avatar. Sael Rotis are made at home during special occasions resembling the shape of a bagel. A delicacy that makes your tongue go yum!

4. Churpee


A traditional authentic milk snack prepared by cow’s and yak’s milk signifying a cheese-like structure can be munched all day long. A mixture of churpees and vegetables is well recognized around the place. Keventer’s tasty and affordable snacks surely are a pleasure in itself.

5. Momos


A wonderful meal to gobble down, Momos are now no more an ordinary thing to relish. The mouthful of it still can’t be enough! An important part of Tibetan cuisine, Momos whether steamed or deep-fried are cute, little yet most lip-smacking dumplings ever!

6. Aloo Dum

A traditional Bengali cuisine, flood by love is the heart of the locals staying in town. Aloo Dum and its artistic preparations happen at every nook and corner of the city every day. The flavorful treat, and it’s street-style taste capture your heart, isn’t it?

7. Chaang


Also referred to as ‘Tongba’, this mouth-watering delicacy is an enjoyment in itself. A brew like beer, but completely zero percent of alcohol is an escape. Served in the original bamboo container and drink through the bamboo pipe is fun, taste, and happiness together.

8. Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea

Who wouldn’t agree to sip a tea? Darjeeling’s Tea is a top must-have recommended tea of the city. The warm, flavored drink cleanse your mind and energizes you. A beautiful view, some heartwarming music, and a glass of tea are all you need.

9. Kwati


An originated traditional Gorkha cuisine, Kwati is a thick soup mixed by nine different varieties of sprouted beans. The super delicious, strong, and flavorful meal is high in protein and often prepared during the Nepalese festival, Gun Punhi.

10. Gundruk


The must-have food of the city, Gundruk is a healthy, lip-smacking meal at the same time. It is made of fermented green leafy vegetables and takes no time to prepare and devour.

11. Aloo Tama

Aloo Tamma

Potatoes are an essential element of many popular dishes. The simple, interesting curry, Aaloo Tama is made by fermented bamboo shoots and potatoes implying beauty in all sense.

12. Gobi


A dish that will lead to a burst of flavors into your mouth, Gobi is similar to Chinese Manchurian, however, prepared with peculiar flavor and spice. It is preferred as a curry with chapati, no one can compete with it.

13. Kheer


Gorge on some desserts and then some more of it. Kheer is Darjeeling’s most significant dessert to consume. The budget Restaurant is definitely to look for.

14. Noodles


The city blends with Chinese and Tibetan cuisine serving some amazingly delicious, tangy, and flavored noodles to suffice your hunger. Noodles tossed in different spices is a burst of flavors to relish.

15. Phambi


The street style cuisine in Darjeeling, Phambi is prepared using fried moong beans and accompanied by hot, peppery sauces to tingle your taste buds.

16. Ninguro with Churpi


A completely new dish on the menu, Ninguro with Churpi represents the city’s food with happiness and the rising hunger. A local fiddlewood fern and cheese is rarely available in restaurants around.

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