13 Street Foods you must Try When you are in Delhi

Delhi is a city of people with large hearts and a larger appetite. Delhi’s streets are filled with many delicacies, which are tasty and cheap. These can not only calm your hunger down but also satisfy your cravings. So try these popular street foods of Delhi to complete your tour.

13 Street Foods you must Try When you are in Delhi

1. Golgappe


Golgappe is the most liked street food in India. It has different names in different regions, be it Golgappa of Delhi, Panipuri of Mumbai or Puchka of Kolkata, but its taste instantly makes you happy.

2. Chole Kulche

chole kulche

Chole is an integral part of Northern cuisine. The combination of chole and Kulcha is heavenly. Kulcha is a bread and the whole dish is served with mouth-watering salad.

3. Dahi bhalla

dahi bhalle

It is similar to Dahi Vada, with some crispy papdi on the top. This item mainly consists of bhalla made with daal and lots of Dahi. The soaked bhalle in dahi are served with the combination of spicy and savoury coriander chutney with a dash of black salt, roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder and sweet chutney. A plate full of a mixture of tastes.

4. Momo


It is hard to believe that momo is not an Indian but a  Tibetan dish. Momo is quite a famous street food in Delhi. Along with, the traditionally steamed momo, you will get many Indianised versions like Gravy momo and Tandoori momo in Delhi.

5. Chaat

Image credit: IndiaMART

Another very famous street food in India is Chaat. Delhi is famous for its variety of Chaat, like Papdi Chaat, Aloo chaat, moong chaat and what not! The favourite snack of all and the favourite street food too.

6. Khasta Kachori

khasta kachori
Image credit: Unnati skills

It is a food item, served with Kachori and sabji. In the winter is a must-try with Chai. Deep-fried, the stuffed dough contain asafoetida, besan, cumin and many other appetising ingredients. It is quite a used to breakfast that no Indian house skips.

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7. Ram Laddoo

ram laddoo
Image credit: pakwangali

It is a famous food from Delhi, available in street. These laddoos are made with daal and deep-fried in oil. It is served with green chutney and grated radish.

8. Raj Kachori

raj kachori
Image credit: Youtube

It is rich street food, served with Dahi, pomegranate seeds, bhujiya and Chutney. A big kachori filled with all these rich ingredients is surely the best evening snack. This snack is quite similar to another famous snack papdi chaat.

9. Kulfi


This cold Indian ice cream has its own separate popularity on the streets of Delhi. It comes in different flavours – orange, pista, kesar badam, chiku, etc. You’ll feel the sweetness with granules of crushed almonds, raisins and other dry fruits. To get more pleasure in the sweetness, you can dip the kulfi in rabri and enjoy the heavenly bliss of sweetness.

10. Kebab


Chicken lovers have also their place in Delhi in terms of snacks. Delhi is famous for its kebab as well. Galouti kebab, chicken hariyali Kebab, shami kebab and many more, the list isn’t going to stop. Want to try these kebabs in some fusion? Try these kebabs with lehsun-tamatar ki chutney to add a layer of tanginess on your kebab.

11. Paratha

How can we forget paratha? Remember listening to paratha wale gali or Dilli ke paratha? Yes, another famous street food of Delhi (Ye, it is considered as street food there). Varieties of paratha you can get – aloo ke paratha, paneer ke paratha, cheese paratha and many more.

12. Jalebi


Enjoy hot jalebis after a plate of kachori sabji, the best combination ever you can have. You can enjoy these hot jalebis with hot milk or rabri. Jalebi is the concluding dish for any Indian dish.

13. Pakode

Image credit: iStock

Hot chai and pakode, are the best evening snack for Delhites. Try these crispy pakodas in Sarojini Nagar, Gol Market and etc. Veg plate pakodas contain different kind of vegetable pakodas in one plate – aloo ke pakode, gobi ke pakode, palak ke pakode and etc.

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