Thoroughly Grounded Facts About Coffee – A Trivia


    There is so much not known to us about the daily essentials we use. Coffee has several interesting and astonishing facts that are known by its enthusiasts. Take this quiz and get to know the most popular and interesting facts about coffee and also how much you know about the favorite beverage of millions. 😉

    • Question of

      Where does coffee stand in the world’s largest traded commodity’s list?

      • 5th
      • 2th
      • 7th
    • Question of

      Which is the only American state that grows coffee?

      • Michigan
      • Florida
      • Hawaii
    • Question of

      Who discovered coffee?

      • A Goat Herder
      • A Farmer
      • A Factory Worker
    • Question of

      Which city banned coffee?

      • Mecca
      • Tokyo
      • Shanghai
    • Question of

      Adding what to coffee keeps it warm for longer?

      • Cream
      • Extra Sugar
      • Cinnamon
    • Question of

      Which category does coffee fall under?

      • Fruit
      • Vegetable
      • Nuts
    • Question of

      What is the world’s most expensive coffee is from?

      • Cat’s Poop
      • World’s Finest Beans
      • Indonesian Fertilizers
    • Question of

      How many kinds of coffee are there?

      • 2
      • 6
      • 1
    • Question of

      Which of these is the largest coffee producer in the world?

      • Colombia
      • Vietnam
      • Brazil
    • Question of

      Which country consumes the most coffee in the world?

      • Finland
      • Japan
      • Sweden

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