Quiz For All The Foodies Out There!

Here is a quiz for all you crazy foodies out there, enjoy!

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    Who discovered the mouth watering dish of pani puri?

    • Draupadi
    • Narayana
    • Sita Maa
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    Who founded the famous food brand of KFC?

    • Canthel Anatomy
    • Collar Sprouse
    • Colonel Sanders
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    In which country was maggi first discovered?

    • Switzerland
    • China
    • Spain
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    In which part of Karnataka was dosa discovered for the first time?

    • Bidar
    • Hubli
    • Udupi
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    Who first discovered coffee beans?

    • Kalki
    • Kaldi
    • Kens
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    What do Bengalis call pani puri?

    • Golgappa
    • Batashe
    • Puchka
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    Which dessert is famous for being found in Rajasthan?

    • Ghevar
    • Kaaju Katli
    • Kala Kand
  • Question of

    Which state of India is popular for tea farming?

    • Assam
    • Arunachal Pradesh
    • Nagaland
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    Which city in India is known to serve the best pav bhaji?

    • Delhi
    • Mumbai
    • Nagpur
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    Which city of India is known to serve the best milkshakes?

    • Banglore
    • Pune
    • Goa

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