Super Interesting Facts About Pizza!- A Pizza Trivia

PIzzas are the favorite food of more than 15% of people in the world. It has a long history and delicious secrets. Here are some surprising as well as deep-fried facts about the food that is a circle which is eaten as triangles and served in square-shaped boxes!

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    How many slices of pizza are eaten each second in the U.S.?

    • 150
    • 200
    • 350
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    Where was the first pizza invented?

    • Rome
    • Naples
    • Venice
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    When is the first pizza thought to be invented?

    • 1960s
    • 1500s
    • 1800s
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    How expensive is the world’s most expensive pizza?

    • $12000
    • $5000
    • $2300
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    What is the world record for the world’s largest pizza?

    • 99 feet 6 inches
    • 50 feet
    • 122 feet 8 inches
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    What is ‘happy pizza’ in Cambodia cooked with?

    • Cheese
    • Marijuana
    • Pineapples
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    Which company made DVDs that smelled like pizza?

    • Domino’s
    • DVD Rentals
    • Pizza Hut
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    Which month is considered as the national pizza month in the U.S.

    • January
    • July
    • October
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    How many ways are there at Domino’s to create a single pizza?

    • More than 20 Thousand
    • More than 30 Million
    • More than 1 Million
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    What was the original shape of pizzas?

    • Circle
    • Semi-circles
    • Square

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