10 Chocolate Facts You Should Know About! – A Trivia


    Chocolate is one of the most mouth watering fascination not only for kids but also for adults. It has left everybody awestruck with its taste since the day it was invented and is continuously improving its till date. So are you a real chocolate lover. Let’s find out through this quiz!

    • Question of

      Who invented chocolate?

      • Americans
      • Swiss
      • Indians
      • Europeans
    • Question of

      Chocolate carries high level of a chemical which may lower the risk of heart disease.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      Which European country was the first to enjoy chocolate?

      • Spain
      • Switzerland
      • France
      • England
    • Question of

      What type of chocolate did Nestle first manufacture in 1930?

      • Nestle Crunch Bars
      • Milk Chocolate
      • White Chocolate
      • Truffles
    • Question of

      Which of these cities is known as the ‘capital city of chocolates’?

      • Brusssels, Belgium
      • Cologne, Germany
      • Zurich, Switzerland
      • Barcelona, Spain
    • Question of

      Which country consumes the most chocolate in the world?

      • United States
      • United Kingdoms
      • Germany
      • Switzerland
    • Question of

      In 2010 New York set a world record for what?

      • Largest Cup of Hot Coffee
      • Largest Chocolate Cake
      • Largest Chocolate Cookie
      • Largest Chocolate Rabbit
    • Question of

      Which animal can die if it ingests chocolates?

      • Mouse
      • Rabbits
      • Dogs
      • Cows
    • Question of

      Chocolate actually contains bits of insects.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      Which kind of chocolate is healthiest?

      • Dark
      • White
      • Brown
      • Milk

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