The Ultimate Cheese Quiz – 15 Questions For Your Inner Cheese Lover


    Welcome to the ultimate cheese quiz!
    How cheesy are your trivia skills when it comes to the divine art of cheese-making? Let’s see how sharp you are, shall we? Go on, gouda luck!

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      Let’s start with history. Which country do you think has the oldest record for cheese-making?

      • Present Day China
      • Present Day Poland
      • Present Day Brazil
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      Which of the following do you think is true?

      • Cheese was the food of deities throughout history.
      • Cheese has been a funerary offering in ancient Egypt.
      • Cheese was equal to gold in Ancient Mesopotamia.
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      The oldest cheese known resembles cottage cheese. Which country do you think it was from?

      • Egypt
      • Ethiopia
      • China
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      Moving on to geography, which country produces the maximum amount of cheese?

      • France
      • Italy
      • Japan
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      Which country is cheesecake known to be originated from?

      • England
      • Portugal
      • Greece
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      This country is known to have a different type of cheese for every day of the year.

      • Germany
      • Russia
      • France
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      Let’s talk names now. This cheese accounts for more than half the cheese produced in the world.

      • Cheddar
      • Feta
      • Gouda
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      This cheese is known to harden with time.

      • Yak
      • Edam
      • Lichen
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      Chef Gordon Ramsey stated that this cheese is the most dangerous kind in the world.

      • Casu Marzu
      • Airag
      • American
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      This soft French cheese is called the ‘King of Cheeses.’

      • Brie
      • Havarti
      • Parmesan
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      The stinky one? C’mon, you know this.

      • Mozzarella
      • Blue
      • Pepper Jack
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      Do you know what the holes in Swiss cheese are called?

      • Rings
      • Dots
      • Eyes
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      This one right here is an Indian delicacy.

      • Paneer
      • Panela
      • Ricotta
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      These are slices of, –

      • Emmental
      • Manchego
      • Monterey Jack
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      Let’s end this with humour, which cheese can say this to itself while looking in the mirror?

      • Halloumi
      • Raclette
      • Camembert

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