13 Avocado Facts You Didn’t Know – A Trivia


    Avocados are an all time favorite and the most versatile. They turn up in almost everything from salads, smoothies, wraps, toasts and even brownies. Here’s a quiz for all the avocado lovers in the house! Check out if you have the ‘AVO-CAN-DO’ spirit in you!

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      The name ‘Avocado’ originated from the Aztec word ‘Ahuacatl’, which means –

      • Testicle
      • Egg
      • Life
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      Avocados were consumed as early as –

      • 200 BC
      • 500 AD
      • 10,000 BC
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      Avocado trees cannot self-pollinate and need another tree nearby to grow. Hence, they were the symbol of _______ and _______ among the Aztecs.

      • Love and Prosperity
      • Love and Loyalty
      • Love and Fertility
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      Avocado is a –

      • Vegetable
      • Berry
      • Nut
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      Avocados are also called ‘Butter Fruit’ in certain parts of this country –

      • India
      • Australia
      • USA
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      The literal translation of guacamole is –

      • Avocado Juice
      • Avocado Sauce
      • Avocado butter
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      Avocado was originally called –

      • Hanging Melon
      • Alligator Pear
      • Ribbon Fruit
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      How can you ripen an avocado?

      • Placing an Avocado in direct contact to the sun so it softens
      • Putting it in a brown paper bag with a banana or two
      • Storing it in a cool dry place and covering it up with hay.
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      According to the Guinness World records, the heaviest avocado ever weighed belonged to Felicidad Pasalo of Hawaii. The weight was –

      • 2.5 Kg
      • 4 Kg
      • 6.5 Kg
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      It was discovered that avocados can produce red ink. Which part of the avocado is used to produce ink?

      • The Skin
      • The Seed
      • The Flesh
    • Question of

      An avocado has more potassium than banana.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      Which is the most popular variety of avocado, which was first grown by a Mailman.

      • Gwen
      • Bacon
      • Hass
    • Question of

      Which country ranks highest in the production of avocados?

      • USA
      • Mexico
      • Spain

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