Namibia Invites You to Try 9 Exquisite Dishes

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Namibia is an exquisite country known for its excellent wildlife and remarkable cheetah population. While the country enjoys sand dunes, it also offers the pleasure of the coastal areas. Along with the excellent physical features of this region, it has some mouth-watering dishes worth trying!

Namibian cuisine is inspired by a variety of meat found in the local markets. Namibians love to consume their meat with flavorful seasonings. Some dishes are also differentiated by the indigenous people of the country. Namibian cuisine is highly influenced by German cuisine due to the country’s diverse history and culture.

1. Biltong

Image Credit : The Jerky Co

Biltong is one of the most loved delicacies of Namibian cuisine. It is basically dried meat of ostrich. Beef can also be used to prepare this scrumptious dish. It is preserved with essential vinegar and then is pan-fried. This dish is generally garnished with coriander.

2. Potjiekos

Iamge Credit : Hotspots2c

Potjiekos stands out from other dishes because of the fact that this dish is cooked steadily on hit coals for a perfect smoky flavor. Lamb is the prime ingredient used for Potjiekos. Fine vegetables like carrots, onions and boiled potatoes are cooked together. This perfect stew is enhanced by pungent flavors of ginger and garlic.

3. Boerewors

Image Credit : Pinterest

Boerewors is a traditional name of South African sausages which are a delight to eat! Boerewors is made primarily from meat and only about 10% of spices are used for the preparation of this authentic dish. Pork or lamb is generally utilized for the grill. It has a smoky flavor with a smooth texture.

4. Kapana

Image Credit : Youtube

Kapana is a common street food found in the country of Namibia. Kapana is prepared by grilling different types of meat. Pork, lamb and beef can be found in the streets of Namibia. This amazing delicacy is served with a good sprinkle of chilly powder and salt. At times, an essential salsa sauce is also served as a dip with Kapana.

5. Koeksisters

Image Credit : Pinterest

Koeksister is a sweet delicacy made with extensive sugar and vanilla essence. A dough is prepared with flour, baking powder and butter. The dough is then cut into thin slices which are shaped like a crisscross. The koeksisters are then fried in hot oil until golden brown. Once they are fried, they are placed in sugar water for the perfect savory flavor!

6. Mopane worms

mopane worms
Image Credit : NY Daily News

Mopane worms can be considered as the most common meal for Namibians. Mopane worms are more often cooked with onions and tomatoes. Salt and paprika are added to the dish to enhance the flavor. Once the mixture thickens, worms get ready to be eaten.

7. Mielie pap

Image Credit : 5amily

Mielie Pap is another kind of porridge that turns out to be the heart of Namibians. This food dish is cooked with the addition of cornflour to boiling water. Butter and salt are added to the mixture for a subtle taste. The mixture is stirred till it thickens. As it thickens, it can be served with milk or even meat.

8. Crayfish

Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons

Namibia is a desert region but the country enjoys the authentic taste of seafood. Crayfish is a subtle yet impressive dish found in the Namibian culture. This dish is prepared with onions and tomatoes. Pungent flavors of garlic, chilly powder and red pepper magnify the flavor of the dish. White wine is generally added in the cooking process.

9. Oshifima

Image Credit : KeepRecipes

Oshifima can also be called a stiff porridge. Oshifima is prepared extensively with the usage of cornmeal. It is cooked and brisked with pure milk. The mixture is then poured in boiling water and stirred to perfection. The cornmeal turns sticky and is cooled down. Oshifima is mostly consumed with stew or meat.

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