15 Must Try Local Dishes From Bareilly

There are many places to eat in Bareilly and one can find a huge variety of items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. There are a large number of restaurants here. The food of Bareilly has a great influence on Mughal cuisine and culture. Hence, there are many non-vegetarian dishes that are popular here. The delicacies ranging from Seekh Kabab to Tandoori Chicken are ready to delight the senses of the food lovers visiting this city. Some of the dishes are mentioned below

15 Must Try Local Dishes From Bareilly


Seekh Kebab is a specialty of Bareilly and is served in almost every restaurant that serves non-vegetarian food. Seekh Kebabs are made with minced meat mixed with herbs and aromatic spices and are grilled over a fire. As soon as you put it in your mouth it melts and the taste seems to give an out-of-the-world feeling.


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Aloo ki tikki is a street food that is loved by every person of Bareilly. It is made with boiled patties of potatoes that are shallow fried and served with tomato sauce, pudina chutney and spicy chole. Chottelal ki tikki is the best served in Bareilly.


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Paani Batashe is another name given to the famous street food called GOL GAPPA. These are tiny fried hollow balls stuffed with boiled chickpeas or potatoes and are served with jal jeera or other spicy liquid mixes.


Chaat is another famous street food of Bareilly and is made by mixing a variety of fruits and boiled potatoes that are shallow fried. A lot of spices and lemon juice are added to it to make it tasty and spicy. Chaman ki chaat is a famous point where you can find the city’s best chaat served.


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Lassi is a refreshing and healthy Indian drink made with yoghurt and sugar along with spices for flavouring such as cardamom, saffron, kevda, etc. Deenanath ki lassi is considered the best place to enjoy a refreshing glass of lassi in the town.


Revdi and Gajak are crispy and tasty sweets that are very popular in Bareilly and are prepared from sesame seeds and jaggery and are available in the months of winter. As soon as you put this on your tongue it starts melting and that is a sign of authentic Bareilly sweets.


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 Chole bhature is a Punjabi dish of spicy curried chickpeas (chole) and puffy fried refined flour bread (bhature), most often eaten together for breakfast (it’s also known as chana bhatura). Variations can be found all over the country of this drool-worthy dish.


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Paneer dosa is the best served in this city. The soft homemade paneer is mixed in traditional as well as Chinese spices and then the dosa batter is spread all over the pan and is stuffed with the paneer mixture.


It is a dish which is famous at Crazy Point in Bareilly and all the youngsters just gorge on this dish. It is made on a high voltage gas and sauteed with garlic, sauces, and lots of cheese as per your requirement.


With tempting looks, this dish has a taste to match. The succulent soft paneer which melts into your mouth as soon as you taste it is the quality of homemade panner. The chill paneer might not be a new concept but chilli paneer in Bareilly is made out of fresh organic veggies and homemade paneer so the taste is different.


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This is a famous ice cream known in the whole of Bareilly, The feeling you get when you put the ice cream down your throat gives you shivers. The ice cream is filled with honey and roasted cashew nuts and then dipped in chocolate.


They call it ‘special falooda’ with an S missing in it but the falooda is really special. Take a trip to get to Kailash Sweets for their legendary Special falooda. It’s a sweet bomb of kesar, pista and rose kulfi topped with coconut, more pista and syrups. Scoop it up quickly or you’ll watch it melt into a river of pastels.


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This chaat is for spice lovers. The round-shaped spooky mirchis with the potato stuffing are deep-fried and then the Mirchi chaat is served with lots of sahi, sev and if you find the chaat extra spicy they gift you a piece of the world-famous Bareilly ki Barfi.


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Mayo sev puri is the puri that will definitely tempt you to increase your calorie intake for the day. Mayo sev puri is filled with loads of mayo and then served with oregano and a pint of chilli flakes only if you want.

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