Top 12 Mouthwatering Dishes to try out in Cape Town!

South Africa calls for luxurious treats for the palate. The capital, Cape Town, features this culinary trend across its variety of restaurants. Capetonians seek bold flavours, and their local cuisine absolutely does not shy away from flaunting.

Top 12 Mouthwatering Dishes to try out in Cape Town!

1. Gatsby


A classic Cape town favourite, Gatsby is a simple submarine-style sandwich that is too good for words. Burger buns are generously loaded with veggies and meat along with cheddar and chilli. This mountain is then topped with crème Fraiche, mushrooms, chives, garlic, and french fries add extra fun to this pile of delicious madness. Variations of Gatsby experiment with the flavours of jalapeño, sweet potato, and an assortment of pickles. Irrespective of the combination, Gatsby is a known takeaway item that refuses to disappoint.

2. Bunny Chow

 Bunny Chow
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Bunny chow, traditional to South Africa, is a combination of “bun” and “achar,” a spicy Indian/Malay relish. The dish is an innovation, a way to carry curries to work using a hollowed-out loaf of bread. Made from meat, pork, or chicken, this bready delight lets you enjoy the amalgamation of spices without going soggy or messy, thus giving absolute value for money.

3. Sushi


Sushi is a must-try here in Cape Town, for it playfully varies from the original Japanese tastes and flavour combinations. The sushi here primarily makes use of ingredients such as black rice, nori, salt, watermelon, and radish. There are dozens of noteworthy sushi spots that experiment with techniques and ingredients, making for an exciting culinary experience.

4. Bobotie


Brought along by Asian settlers to Africa, this dish is one of the most consumed in Cape Town. Bobotie is the national dish and therefore easy to seek. It is essentially minced meat with curry and spices, fruit chutney, and/or grated apples with an eggy topping. The milky egg custard layered on top is baked until a gorgeous golden brown colour is achieved. Bobotie is considered the best comfort meal on a wintery cold night with an array of elements mentioned above.

5. Braai

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When in Cape Town, you would not want to miss out on the fantastic Braai. Meat is the obvious star of the dish, as Braai glamorously features boerewors, sosaties, kebabs, marinated chicken, pork, lamb chops, steaks, or sausages of varying flavours. It is an extremely popular side dish, especially during a barbecue and other parties.

6. Melktert


Melktert is a creamy variety of milky tart. Quite similar to a custard pie, this dessert is more delicate, with a lighter texture and a strong milk presence. Melktert makes for a fine sweet experience with its lovely, smooth filling and fragrant cinnamon flavour. It is a dessert that has Portuguese influence along with delightful Dutch traits.

7. Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding
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If you have a sweet tooth, Malva Pudding is definitely for you. A Dutch dish popular in Cape Town, it is a sweet and sticky baked sponge pudding. It is the traditional comfort food that deliciously features butter, fresh cream, apricot jam, and a rich toffee sauce. It has a caramelized structure, with the cream sauce poured over the pudding. Ginger, dates, and brandy are a common addition. This pastry is dunked in syrup and then deep-fried and will surely give you the ultimate sugar high.

8. Sosaties


A variation of kebab, this dish is a flavorful surprise. Sosaties is a traditional meat-on-skewer dish made from chicken, pork, or lamb meat. The marinated, cube-shaped meat is skewered and braaied in a shish kebab style. As they are prepared in different types, sosaties have variable ingredients like bell peppers, dried apricot, and yogurt. This meaty goodness is easily found at all local spots in Cape Town, especially near the markets.

9. Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips

Who doesn’t love fish and chips? If you’re a fan of this classic combination, then Cape Town is just the place for you, as it takes Fish and Chips very seriously. Crispy, perfectly golden fish paired with chips that are overloaded with cheese will make your mouth water like nothing else. Walk into any eatery serving Fish and Chips here, and enjoy the fresh culinary experiments that give this dish a fun spin.

10. Rock Shandy

Rock Shandy

Rock Shandy of Cape Town is your perfect summer put together in a glass. The hot weather beautifully complements this perfection of a cooler with its combination of soda water, lemonade, and Angostura bitters. It is a drink filled with crystals of ice and is sweet and salty, served with fresh lime slices and mint leaf garnish.

11. Rooibos


Rooibos is a unique herb that is traditionally brewed into a mild non-caffeinated tea. It is rich in antioxidants and very popular among Cape Town locals. This tea keeps the mind healthy and helps maintain a sound physique. Blessed with soothing properties, Rooibos tea here is paired with elements such as vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, and so on for an added tasteful effect.

12. Biltong And Droewors

Biltong And Droewors
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If you are craving a munch-worthy snack as an accompaniment to your drink, Biltong and Droewors is just what you need. This meaty pair of snacks is an absolute staple in pubs or on road trips. Biltong is dried and cured meat, while Droewors is a variety of dried sausage. Don’t let the simple absurdity of this description fool you—locals vouch for them to be an absolute addictive snack.

Thus, Cape Town boasts an absolute food parade that you should unquestionably participate in if you are looking for a wild culinary adventure.

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