16 Most Popular Dishes to try out when in kanpur

The industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh, lying near the bank of Ganges, Kanpur is noted for its leather industries and delicious food. Let’s take a look at at some mouth-watering dishes available here that sum up some of the best food items this Indian state has to offer:

1. Shami Kebab

shami kebab

A traditional dish prepared using minced meat mixed in chickpeas powder and spices elevating the flavours of the dish. While the recipe varies from home to home, it always has a glimpse of the old conventional taste.

2. Biryani

kanpur biryani

Kanpur’s Biryani represents the origin of the city. Biryani is cooked in desi ghee and whole spices that enhance the taste completely. While made only on special occasions, people definitely hop on to restaurants. Baba’s Chicken Biryani is the popular exquisite dish offered here, so let’s not make them wait much!

3. Thaggu Ke Laddoo

Thaggu Ke Laddoo

The popular 50-year-old joint serves you desi ghee laddoos made with khoya and dry fruits. Tourist’s first choice, Thaggu ke laddoo is healthy yet a scrumptious sweet to start with.

4. Shekhawat Thali

Shekhawat Thali

A proper whole meal, Shekhawat Thali represents Kanpur food as a whole. Available at Pandit’s. Thali is filled with subji, daal, rice, roti, and sweets. Impossible to finish alone, you will have to search for a company.

5. Basket Chaat

Basket Chaat

There’s no better feeling than a bite of chaat in your mouth. Spicy, quirky, and full of flavours. The Chaat serves Basket chaat, filled with mashed potatoes, pomegranate seeds and papdi. It would be a go-to dish any time of the day.

6. Kebab Paratha

Kebab Paratha

You can never deny parathas, and this unique kebab paratha at Al Huda Food Center can literally whisk you to cloud nine. These hot, peppery parathas are always in demand, and the 50-year-old centre is regularly jam-packed.

7. Kheer


There is nothing a kheer can’t solve, the best way to conclude a meal. Gyaan Vaishnav Hotel serves the best kheer in the city. A rice pudding garnished with saffron and dry fruits give you a sugar rush at every bite.

8. Badnaam Kulfi

Badnaam Kulfi

Thaggu ke Laddoo serves the best kulfi on earth. Rich, creamy, and full of nuts, made from khoya and mewa, its unique flavours gives you an experience of a lifetime.

9. Kesariya Barfi

Kesariya Barfi

Banarasi Mishthan Bhandar is admired in Kanpur for the longest time. It presents the best Kesariya Barfi. With a strong smell of kesar and nuts, made in pure desi ghee, it melts in your mouth completely.

10. Sahoo Kachoris

Sahoo Kachoris

The hot, tempting, and luscious kachoris stuffed with mashed potato and spices are the local street food of Kanpur. Extremely delicious and pocket-friendly, Sahoo kachoris are served with spicy subji and rice definitely has the ability to tickle your taste buds.

11. Sultani Daal

Sultani Daal

While it surely resembles a soup, Sultani Daal is made up of pigeon pies; with a blend of spices and herbs, it is a satisfying, flavorful and wonderful dish to share. It’s presented with rotis and rice.

12. Mithaas Ki Lassi

Mithaas Ki Lassi

Serving the best lassi in Kanpur with utmost sincerity for ages, Mithaas Sweets would surely enrapture your heart. A must-visit for visitors and locals alike.

13. Fried Prawns

Fried Prawns

Kanpur serves the best of everything. However, Chung Fa’s golden fried prawns top the list. The best Chinese available in the city, Chung Fa would never disappoint you.

14. Mattha Bread

Mattha Bread

With an unmatched taste, Mattha Bread is a popular snack in the city. Freshly churned white butter with the softest bread around. Different varieties are all available under one roof, Pahalwan Ji Ka Special Mattha, making it definitely worth a visit.

15. Momos


Call it a dumpling or a dim sum, your obsession would surely bring you to Chaudhary’s. From simply steamed to deep-fried, pan-fried and even tandoori, everything’s available at a reasonable price.

16. Pinnay’s Temptation

Pinnay's Temptation

Pinnay’s Temptation serves the best of all, from ice cream to sundaes. Their famous handmade sugar cones attract a lot of visitors. However, its earthquake Family Sundae is a must-try.

Kanpur and its popular dishes would carve a strong impression in your heart. And if planning for a holiday- you now definitely know where to go!

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