9 Local Dishes You Must Try when In Bhuj

Kem Cho? Majama! (How are you? Good!), Gujaratis always welcome people with open arms and a platter laden with delicacies. The most enthralling city in Gujarat, Bhuj, is India’s westernmost city. From its annual Rann Utsav to its ceaseless quest for street food, Bhuj has always had something worth celebrating.

9 Local Dishes You Must Try when In Bhuj



As the name suggests, Sev Khaman is the solution to hunger at any time of the day. Dhoklas are mashed and spiced up with chat masala and sev, bringing your taste buds to a halt. Gujarat’s tangy twist in your mouth would definitely leave you in wonder.



If you are in Bhuj, you surely can’t miss starting your day with this steamy aromatic cup of tea and a
crackling combination of khaari available in every nook and corner of the city.


fafda n jalebi

Fafda and Jalebi is a combo that hooks you completely. The crispy sweet jalebis and its only companion, found in Gujarat, Fafda is taken quite seriously here. Just hop to any of the street stalls, and enjoy it any time of the day.



Can anyone say no to this? Definitely not in Bhuj. One of the most iconic delicacies, Dabeli with its sweet, crunchy, and tangy flavor enrapture your heart forever. Served in almost all parts of the world, the Kutchi Dabeli brings out a unique taste altogether.


moongdal bhajiya

“This one is my last!” is surely a difficult promise to make in this situation. Those piping hot bhajiyas directly from the kadhai with a sweet and sour chutney would surely make your mood. These mouthwatering moong bhajiyas deliver a spicy taste, which is definitely worth a try.



Puri bhaji or puri saak is a dish suitable for heavy morning brunch. The vendors provide you with five different varieties of puris, a common yet always adored potato sabji, with chutneys and pickles providing us with an overall delicious dish to savor.



A common dish with uncommon flavours, pakoras and their varieties have always been known across the globe. However, Bhuj welcomes it with a tangy touch of tomatoes, along with potatoes and coriander. Here it’s famous for its unique sizzling taste of garlic and okra.



Bhuj presents to you the iconic Bombay street food with a twist. Vada Pav is shallow fried with extra butter and masala, bringing an unusual taste. This turns out to be a tempting, flavorsome meal for everyone out there.



A never denied snack, pohas are favourable any time of the day. A little sweet, garnished with pomegranate seeds and chaat masala, this will surely be one of the best combinations you would have ever tried.

Bhuj is a one-stop destination for all your food wonders and gobbling up these dishes should surely be on your list when you visit.

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