10 Food items you must try on Railway Stations In India

Travelling at times turns hectic, especially when you travel over regional boundaries. In India, where culture and attire change with every kilometre we bring you the yummiest and finger-licking food while travelling by train. There are a few railway stations in India that will make your travelling tastier. Foodies must definitely try these quickies because for die heart food fans food that holds the real taste of the native place is equivalent to experiencing heaven through a satisfying tummy while being on earth. Here is the list of quickies you can relish while you are at these 10 Railway stations in India.

10 Food items you must try on Railway Stations In India

1. CHICKEN CUTLET, Howrah West Bengal

chicken cutlet
Image credit: TripAdvisor

Howrah’s best and most delicious street food is these lips smacking chicken cutlets. For non-vegetarians, the best cutlets can be tasted at Howrah’s Railway station. These are cheap in price and best in taste. They are the most chatpate cutlets you’ll ever experience in your life while travelling.

2. MADDUR VADA, Maddur, Karnataka

Image credit: Yummy Food Recipes

Maddur Vada is named after the town Maddur which is 60 km from Mysore. The Vada was named after the city, but its taste and crispiness made the town famous. The basic ingredient comprising of onion and Rava (Semolina) makes it the way it is, DELICIOUS. The secret ingredient that makes it so much in demand is the manner that they blend it with onion juice instead of water and this definitely is its USP. It’s a must-try delicacy.

3. DAL VADA, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

dal vada
Image credit: jcookingodyssey.com

The urad dal(black gram) vada’s of Vijayawada are the fried balls that have the tangiest, spicy and hot taste of chillies of Vijayawada. Even though they are found everywhere there i.e. even on streets and railway stations still they have the mom’s magic coated over them. To know the real taste of the spices of Andhra Pardesh these Dal Vada are mandatory to eat.

4. ALOO TIKKI, Tundla, Uttar Pradesh

aloo tikki
Image credit: Indiatimes.com

Aloo Tikki is eaten in India everywhere it is the most easily available street food in India. But the hot steaming aloo tikkis of this small railway station is really worth your try. While on the train if you are feeling hungry and your train stops at Tundla even for 10 minutes these Aloo Tikkis with green chutney can definitely refresh your mood and satisfy your taste buds.

5. RABRI, Abu Road, Rajasthan

Image credit: Archana’s kitchen

Sweet dishes are what make our meal a complete and wholesome meal. Abu Road railway station serves you Rabri made up of fresh milk and lots of dry fruits in it. This Rabri is something that will make your meal sound complete but your soul would be left craving for more. It is such a tasty dessert that once you try it you are definitely visiting Abu Road railway station back just for the soul-satisfying sweet again.

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6. POHA, Ratlam, Uttar Pradesh

Image credit: Easemytrip.com

The Humble POHA of Ratlam railway station is the quick serving which is not only tasty and healthy breakfast but is also light to digest and hence can be easily consumed while traveling. The Ratlam Poha consists of pomegranate and groundnuts for increasing the taste that it holds. Moreover, it is garnished with coriander leaves and the famous Ratlami namkeen. When at Ratlam railway station delicious POHA are the best regional delicacy to satisfy hunger in a healthy manner.

7. CHOLE BHATURE, Jalandhar, Punjab

chole bhature
Image credit: tripadvisor.com

When in Punjab CHOLE BHATURE are a definite eatable easily available at a cheap rate. Except for the price the attractive feature is the Punjabi tadka that they have. The spicy, tangy and tasty CHOLE with the crispy BHATURE is not something you should miss. Punjabi’s real food magic lies in their CHOLE and hence foodies should not skip this magic to taste.

8. CAMEL MILK TEA, Surendranagar, Gujarat

camel milk tea
Image credit: NPR

Raising Camels is the source of living of many people in Surendranagar. But what attracts us there is the tea that these people make with Camel milk. Camel milk is a rich source of Iron and is also suitable for diabetics. People who want to explore the traditional but yet varied version of food still existing in India this tea is the best for them. Moreover, tea is the most common beverage served in India. So while you are at Surendranagar do taste this unique tea.

9. PAZHAM PORI, Palakkad, Kerala

pazham podi
Image credit: Archana’s kitchen

Also known as ETHAKKA APPAM is the quickie served in Kerela with tea. It is made up of ripe bananas dipped in Rava (Semolina) or rice flour. It is really very crispy and holds a different taste which we do not experience on a regular basis. The crispiness and the love with which the vendors serve it on railway station is something the food lovers while traveling should not deny. And the taste it holds leaves you mesmerized forever.

10. KOZHIKODE HALWA, Calicut, Kerala

kozhikode halwa
Image credit: Kozhikode

It is the only mouth savoring sweet dish in India made with the blend of coconut and coconut oil as well as nuts and spices infused in it. It is a jelly-like Halwa which is served at Calicut railway station and it infuses a lot of kind of flavors and spice mix and fruits in it giving it a mouthwatering appearance. At the railway station, it attracts a lot of travelers as it is presented in different colors and in small packaging which is easy to carry. This delicacy is a sweet pleasure for sweet lovers.

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