21 Food dishes you Must Try out in Odisha

The land of paddy fields, silver beaches, temples, rivers, waterfalls and tribal people, Odisha is filled with major attractions such as the temples of Bhubaneshwar and Jaggannath Puri and the magnificent Sun Temple of Konark. The dishes that this place is famous for are as follows

21 Food dishes you must try out in Odisha

1. Chungdi Malai

1.     Chungdi Malai

Also known as Chingri Malai and Prawn Malai Curry. The chief ingredients are prawns and coconut milk, along with ghee or mustard oil, onions, turmeric powder, chopped green chilli, garlic paste, and ginger paste flavored with spices. It’s the best seafood in the state and every seafood lover must try this if you want something creamy yet tangy.

2. Macha Ghanta

Also known as Chhincheda and Mudhi Ghanta. A dish which has no match with any other cuisine, it’s a dish made with “Macha,” i.e, fried fish head and “Ghanta” which means mix in Odisha, It’s a mix of onions, potatoes, garlic and the regular spices. It’s often served with steamed rice.

3. Gupchup

3.     Gupchup

Often referred to as Golgappa or Pani Puri in many cities of India, it’s a kind of chaat that you will find on the streets of Odisha, This chaat comprises a ‘Fried Puri’ which is made with flour and inside the ‘Puri’ they put Jal Jeera and pulses. This Chaat is recommended not only in Odisha but anywhere in India.

4. Chhena Poda

Chena Poda when translated to English, means burned cheese but in reality, it is a sweet that is made with chenna, i.e homemade cheese along with caramelised sugar and is in the shape of the cake. One can take this home as a “Taste of Odisha”

5. Kanika

5.     Kanika

Kanika is a type of sweet Pulav. Odisha gives you the privilege to try a unique recipe of rice made without onion and garlic as it’s prepared usually during the festivals.

6. Santula

6.     Santula

Santula is a curry that is made with vegetables including raw papaya, potato, tomato, and brinjal. Hence it’s considered very healthy and is found easily in restaurants in the lanes of Odisha. For people suffering from indigestion, it’s the best food to have.

7. Chaatu Rai

Also known as Chaatu Besara, it’s a dish made with potato, pumpkin, banana and papaya. Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and dry chilli add a punch to the flavour. The aroma of the dish is tantalizing and will just mesmerize you.

8. Kadali Manja Rai

Kadali Manja is a dish made with a banana stem. It’s very beneficial for those on a weight loss program and keeps the blood pressure in control. This dish is preferred by all age groups and is very delicious.

9. Khicede

Often referred to as Khichdi in most parts of India, it’s a dish made with rice and lentils boiled together and is served with ghee on top. It is a very light dish.

10. Dalma

10.   Dalma

Dalma is a traditional dish of Odisha. It is a type of dal which is made with split chick peas cooked along with raw papaya, potatoes and masalas. Someone who is in search of authentic taste must try this dish.

11. Pakhala bhata

11. Pakhala bhata

If you are in Odisha during the summers, then this one dish will help you remain hydrated and refresh you from within. It is a type of lunch you will find in almost every house. Pakhala bhata is made by soaking cooked rice in water and sour curd and keeping it overnight.

12. Pilaf

A type of staple dish which can be found in many places around the world from Spain to Egypt to Russia and some parts of Asia, Pilaf is a type of rice that is sautéed with spices and mixed with vegetable gravy. Some people also add meat if needed. It’s a finger-licking dish that one should try.

13. Aloo Potol Rossa

When two simple vegetables like potato and pointed guard are given a “Tadka” of Panch Phuttan (it is a  mixture of fennel, cumin, mustard, kalonji and fenugreek seeds), we get a  perfect dish to have with chapati that is aloo potol rassa which is really delicious.

14. Pitha

14. Pitha

A must-try sweet dish of Odisha is Pitha, which is made with rice flour and stuffed with either jaggery, coconut, sugar or fresh cheese(chenna). Pithas are found in both steamed as well as fried forms.

15. Badi Chura

A dish that can add taste to any other dish is badi chura. It is made with sun-dried lentils mixed with onion, garlic, green chilli, and mustard oil. It’s mostly eaten along with pankhala(Soaked rice in curd).

16. Dahi Kanji

16. Dahi Kanji

Also known as ‘Kadhi’ in many places of India, Dahi Kanji as the name suggests is made of Dahi(curd) mixed with vegetables and lentils. It’s a tangy, soupy dish that is not only healthy but also tasty.

17. Dahibara Ghughuni

It is one of the most popular street foods found in Odisha and is a combination of two different “Chaats”, i.e Duma Aloo (potatoes sautéed with mustard seeds) and Dahi vada( vada made with urad dal and added to curd). Dahibara Ghuguni is the tastiest street food one can ever have.

18. Kheersagar

A sweet dish that is a must-try for a person with a sweet tooth, Kheersagar is made with cheese balls(Chenna) mixed with condensed milk and seasoned with cardamom.

19. Kankada Jhola

19. Kankada Jhola

If you are visiting the coastal regions of Odisha, Kankada Jhola is one dish you should never skip. It is a curry comprising of crab and is really mouthwatering for people of every age group.

20. Rasabali

Also known as Odia Rasmalayi, Rasabali is a mouthwatering sweet dish similar to Kheersagar but here the cheese balls(chenna) are deep fried before adding them to the condensed milk and garnished with dry fruits to give it a rich look. This dish is also used as a ‘bhog’ for the lord Jaggannath Puri.

21. Khata

Khata is a sweet and tangy ‘Chutney’ often served as a side dish but it adds flavour to your food. It is made with tomatoes and raw mangoes mixed with jaggerry, chillies and other special spices.

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