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Chandigarh is a foodie city where one gets the authentic Punjabi taste. Whether it is vegetarian, non-vegetarian, desserts or beverages there is always the desi Punjabi taste which tickles your taste buds and you simply can’t resist overeating. Street foods in Chandigarh are a tasty treat. They are all full of spice and quite nice. Let’s get ready to savour the yummy dishes.

Gol gappe

Compared to other cities the Punjabi variant is spicier and quite tangy. This street food is loved by one and all. The gol-gappas are stuffed with boiled potato, boiled chickpea, yoghurt, green chutney and sweet and sour tamarind chutney. These sauces add to the flavour of these gol-gappas. Best places to eat are Ram chaat bhandar, Garg Chaat in Chandigarh Tricity.


Dahi bhalle

They are deep-fried, hollow, crisp puris filled with sweet and sour tamarind chutney, spicy chutney, topped with sweet yoghurt. This makes the dish both sweet and spicy and is delicious to eat. Best eating places are Garg chaat and Snacks corner.



It has several variations like Papdi chaat, Bhelpuri, Gol-Gappa chaat, Bhalla Papdi, AlooTikki, Ragda Patties etc. All these different kinds of chaats have a filling of sweet and spicy chutneys, flavoured water, a mixture of boiled potato, chickpeas, sprouts and corn, onions, tomatoes and are topped with sweet yoghurt, spices and herbs to give it that tangy flavour. Best places to eat are Garg and Chilli chaat.


Chhole bhature

This mouth-watering dish is a must-have in Chandigarh. Chole or chickpeas are cooked perfectly, they are gravy laden and seasoned with spices. The bread or bhaturas are fluffy and made on clay ovens. These have paneer or potato filling in them to give them the rich taste. The accompaniments are a salad, green chutney, yoghurt and pickle. Best places to eat are Sai sweets and Nukar Dhaba



This dessert is like ice-cream but creamier and richer. Made from condensed milk and contains nuts, raisins and saffron. It is available in a variety of flavours and licking this cool, creamy dessert gives respite from the sweltering heat. Best places to eat are Krishna Chaat and Sai Sweets.


Pav bhaji

It is a richer variant of vegetables here compared to other cities. It contains various kinds of bell-peppers, cauliflowers and carrots along with other vegetables. The dish is a mixture of these curried vegetables with blobs of butter and a zing of lemon served with soft bread called pav. The bread is fried in a generous amount of butter and then served giving it a wonderful taste. Best eating places are Neelam Fast Foods and Wow.

Pav bhaji
Image credit: iStock

Paneer tikka

A dish consisting of chargrilled paneer and bell peppers. The paneer chargrilled on skewers and different sauces are added along with the vegetables. A squeeze of lemon gives them the tangy flavour. Best places to eat are Pal Dhaba and Tikka Freaks.

Image credit: Cooktube


They are rolls filled with paneer or vegetables. Non-vegetarian Frankies contain a filling of chicken or Tuna fish. These are light and nice delicious juicy foods. Best places to eat are Tibbs Frankie and Roll Xpress.


Cheese chilli

A Chinese dish quite popular in Chandigarh. Chunks of paneer and exotic vegetables are prepared with spicy sauces and topped with herbs and different seasonings. Paneer is quite soft and just melts in the mouth. Best places to eat are Raju Chinese Fast Food & Shirdi Food and Snacks.

Image credit: Manjula’s Kitchen


Quite popular in Chandigarh, they are steamed dumplings filled with vegetables or meat and served with spicy sauce. Fried momos are also available here. Best places to eat are A1 Dumplings and Momos Wala.


Spring rolls

They are deep-fried pancakes, which have a filling of veggies or meat and are served with different kinds of sauces. The dish is light and wonderful to eat. Best eating joints are Toshib & Lava Eat n Wrap.

spring rolls
Image credit: Kitchen Samrat Footscray


An absolute favourite street food, this is made spicier compared to other places. Punjabis are too fond of spicy things so even noodles sold are spicy. People are quite fond of noodle soup too. Best noodles are available at Raju Chinese Fast Food and Gopal’s.


Amritsari kulcha

Prepared from refined flour and stuffed with different fillings of either paneer, potatoes, cheese on a clay tandoor. It is served with chickpeas, chutney and salad. Best street food of Chandigarh. Best eating places are Kulcha Hub and Sodhi’s Zaika.

Amritsari kulcha
Image credit: Youtube

Rajma chawal

It is a mouth-watering dish of North India. Kidney beans prepared in a thicky gravy and served with rice. Best eating places are Treat Point and Deluxe Dhaba.

Image credit: Kumkum kitchens


Punjabi lassi is made from fresh buttermilk. It is drunk either sweet or with salt. It tastes yum during the sweltering heat. Best places for lassi are Pal Dhaba & Gopal Sweets.


Sarson da saag and Makki di roti

A pure Punjabi dish where mustard greens are boiled and cooked with spices and eaten with cornbread or Makki ki roti. Dollops of butter are added to the saag and roti to enhance the taste. This is a winter dish which gives warmth on eating. Best places to eat are Pal Dhaba and Katani Dhaba.

Makke di roti and sarson ka saag


They are fried wheat bread with different stuffings of vegetables, paneer, keema and egg and are served with curd and pickles. Best places to eat are Pal Dhaba and Pahalwan Paratha Point

Image credit: foodcrazyblog

Chicken tikka

It is a kind of charbroiled chicken meat done on skewers with vegetables and served with mint chutney. Best places to eat Tikka Freak & Fire n Grill.

chicken tikka
Image credit: Youtube


Roadside eateries serve the best burgers having fillings of meat or vegetables. The topping is done with sauces and herbs to give a good flavour to the burgers. The best places to eat are Burger Hub &Burger Point.



The place is famous for its tikkis which are served with chholas. The tikkis are a kind of potato cutlets. They are spiced and deep-fried and served with different chutneys and chole. Best places to eat are Garg Chaat and Neelam Sweets.


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