10 Famous Foods Of Agra you Must Try

When you think of Agra, you think of the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world. The beauty of the Taj draws people from far and wide to see this wonder. But along with the monument, the sumptuous foods to beckons the people to visit this place.

10 Famous Foods Of Agra you Must Try

1. Petha

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It is a kind of sweet made from white gourd and infused with a variety of flavours. This comes in various shapes and sizes. There are two kinds of pethas: the dry and the soft, syrupy type. It has several variants like Angoori, Paan, Kesar, and white petha. This sweet has medicinal properties. The best places to purchase this sweet are Sadar Bazaar, Dholpur House and Hari Parvat.

2. Dalmoth

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A mixture of nuts, spices, lentils, and oil, it is their traditional namkeen which tastes yummy. The crunchy and spicy taste tingles the taste buds. The best place to buy this namkeen is Baluganj and Panchi Petha.

3. Paratha

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It is vegetarian food made of wheat flour. It is pan-fried wheat bread which is stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and cheese. They are generally eaten in the breakfast accompanied with curd and pickle. Best place to eat is Rambabu Paratha Bhandar.

4. Bedhai and Jalebi

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It is a typical breakfast consisting of spicy bedhai and sweet jalebi. Bedhai is a fried and puffy bread accompanied by potato sabzi and a dollop of curd. The jalebi is a soft, syrupy dessert made of fermented batter which is deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup. The best breakfast of bedhai and jalebi can be had at Sadar Bazar & Taj Gunj.

5. Mughlai Dishes

mughlai dishes
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They are meat dishes that are flavoured with ground spices, dry fruits and creamy curries. All these things help to enhance the flavours and these dishes in Agra are special and lip-smacking. Nai ki Mandi and MG Road are the best places to savour these dishes.

6. Chaat

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It has delicious Dahi- bhalla, Raj Kachori, Gol-gappas, and samosas. The Bhallas in Agra are unique in taste, they are made of fried potatoes and chickpeas with a topping of grated ginger and sweet tamarind chutney. The best place to eat is chaat wali gali in Sadar bazar.

7. Frankies

They are saucy chicken kabab wraps. Mama’s Frankies in Sadar Bazar are out of this world. The chicken seekh kababs simply melts in your mouth. The chicken lollipops to are quite yummy.

8. Gajak and Chiki

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Dry sweets made of sesame seeds, jaggery, sugar, and oil, come in circular shapes called rewaris and square-shaped chikis. The best gazak can be bought from Johari bazar road, Hing ki Mandi and Kinari bazar.

9. Ghewar

It is a round-shaped flour mold that is mildly fried and soaked in sugar syrup, then topped with dry fruits. It is prepared for the advent of monsoons. Bikanerwala on Fatehabad road makes the best ghewars.

10. Laddoos

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Made of gram flour, semolina, and coconut, they are of several kinds- boondi, besan and shahi laddoos. The best laddoos are available at Bikanerwala, Gopaldas, and Deviram.

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