15 Famous Dishes In Nagpur To Look For

Nagpur, a large city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with its tall edifices, greenery, transport, healthcare, and liveability, is acknowledged as among India’s top 20 cleanest cities. Apart from its arresting artistic attractions, the city holds its flavorous food as the essential enhancement in the list. Let’s see some famous dishes in Nagpur.

15 Famous Dishes In Nagpur To Look For

1. Misal Pav

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A food expedition can never start without including this item on the list. A typical Maharashtrian dish, Misal Pav is well known in the city. Seasoned spicy misal sprinkled with chiwda is consumed with Pav (Indian bread). Available at each food spot you look around but Shri Joshi Vadapav can be a centre to look for.

2. Tarri Poha

Tarri Poha
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Maharashtrians and their favourable varieties of food inculcate peculiar flavoursome tastes as always. Tarri Poha, usually eaten as breakfast has been a popular dish to try in Nagpur. The flattened rice is served with a delicious spicy curry and ripped with crunchy peanuts and sev. A dish worth your visit!

3. Samosa

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All those in search of good food often stop their eyes on a scrumptious everyday snack found in the street stalls, Samosa. The tough, crispy, exterior holds the lip-smacking flavours of the city. Accompanied by a series of chutneys and sauces, Priti Corner welcomes the crowd with the aromatic smell of this deep-fried samosa every day.

4. Oranges

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‘The Orange City’ is incomplete without its signature fruit crop, Oranges. The tangy, succulent oranges are produced in abundance. Go and grab this nutritious fruit found in every nook and corner of the city.

5. Patodi

A heavy brunch option, Patodi is much adored in the city. Patodi is made from gram flour, and a delicious hot, tangy, red curry is an element prepared using traditional spices. A meal to try at most local eateries is a must-have in the city.

6. Jalebi

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Not just a treat to your taste buds, but a vision worth the wait. Jalebis are fried in huge kadhais and served hot by the streets. The crunchy, crispy, and sweet jalebis at Haryana Special Jalebi are extremely famous.

7. Zunka Bhakar

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A Maharashtrian version of pancakes, Zunka Bhakar inculcates Indian flavours, made using millet flour and split gram mixture. It’s a classic conventional dish that originated in the Vidarbha region.

8. Koshimbir

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An important aspect of the traditional thali, Koshimbir is a simple, sophisticated salad made with raw vegetables and fruits. With different versions of it, Koshimbir is quick, easy, and a ready-to-eat meal.

9. Sandage

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An authentic recipe, Sandage is made using Bengal gram. Often made during summers, it’s left in the sun for drying and preserved all year long. The conventional flavours and spices make it healthy and tasty at the same time.

10. Pitla Bhakri

Pitla Bhakri
Image Credits – healthyvegrecipes.com

A rural dish of the city, it’s mainly popular among farmers and folks. Powdered dal forms a pastry-like dish, Pitla is served with bread, better known as Bhakri. This unique weird combination makes it even tastier.

11. Param Ki Daal

Param ki Daal
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If you just say ‘Param ki Daal’, anyone and everyone will direct you towards this legendary shop serving graciously for decades. The dal is cooked in a charcoal fire, with added traditional spices, and served with tandoori roti as a simple yet satisfying meal.

12. Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi
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A well known Indian dessert, with a bite-sized crispy and flaky texture, Soan Papdi is a popular sweet that originated in Nagpur. The city is a hub for its variety of flavors. And if tasted once, it is a go-to favourite sweet forever.

13. Sheermal And Rott

Sheermal And Rott
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Street food and its varieties of Nagpur will surely amaze you. The delicious lip-smacking biscuits, bread, and other baked items of Hafeez Bakery are enjoyed by young and old alike. Sheermal is a soft saffron-coloured bread and Rott, on the other hand, is a buttery large biscuit that melts in your mouth

14. Dahi Samosa

Dahi Samosa
Image Credits – recipes.timesofindia.com

A dish to end your quest for chatpata food, Dahi Samosa is a perfect mood-changer Chaat. The Chaat includes Dahi, Samosa, meethi and khatti chutneys, onions and sev, enhancing the tanginess.

15. Santra Barfi

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Santa Barfi, an orange-flavoured fudge, is a blast of extraordinary flavours. Tangy, creamy, and sweet oranges can be your companion any day. A trademark delicacy of Haldirams, it’s the best pick for a sweet tooth.

With a pleasant atmosphere and a palate of good food, Nagpur plays a host to a vast number of connoisseurs and travel enthusiasts from around the globe.

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