16 Exquisite Los Angeles Dishes to Try Now

Los Angeles is also known as the city of dreams. This place is popular for its urban vibes and a luxurious yet chilled lifestyle. You will also find amazing Los Angeles dishes when in town. One can not afford to miss out on such variety and uniqueness of some of these dishes.

16 Exquisite Los Angeles Dishes to Try Now

1. French Dip Sandwich

French Dip Sandwich
Source: Delish

French Dip Sandwich is a mouthwatering sandwich created in the USA and a heavily popular Los Angeles dish. It includes some delicious, thinly sliced roasted beef placed perfectly in a french baguette or any other bread of choice. Locals serve the sandwich with chopped onion, beef juice, and Swiss cheese.

2. Mediterranean Gem Salad

Mediterranean Gem Salad
Source: Los Angeles Magazine

Mediterranean Gem Salad is a speciality of Los Angeles. It is made by the mixing of Radicchio and Crunchy kale with blue cheese, hazelnut, chicken, and dates. A must-try when in Los Angeles.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich
Source: Eater Los Angeles

The Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the most famous desserts in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This delicious dessert is made up of two biscuits or crusts and a thick layer of ice cream between them. Your meal would be considered incomplete without this dessert.

4. Green Tea Matcha Latte

Green Tea Matcha Latte
Source: Nourished Kitchen

Green Tea Matcha Latte is a popular beverage in Los Angeles. You can have it either hot or cold. It is a special drink here, one that you cannot afford to miss.

5. Macaron

Source: Cloudy Kitchen

The iconic Italian Macaron is a sweet delight for your taste buds and has slowly become a popular Los Angeles dish over time. It is made out of grounded almonds, icing sugar, food colours, egg white, and granulated sugar. The macaron is served with the filling of jam or buttercream between them.

6. Sweet Potato Tacos

Sweet Potato Tacos
Source: Hello Fresh

Tacos are available in many varieties – sweet potato taco, pumpkin taco, Baja fried cob taco, and many others. The sweet potato taco is made with roasted sweet potato, almond chile, fried corn, feta cheese, and scallions and is a delicious Los Angeles dish to try out.

7. Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza
Source: Eater Los Angeles

Pizza is a popular food throughout the world but when it is made with wood fire, it elevates its taste. This Los Angeles dish is lip-smacking good and a must-try for all.

8. Vegan Food

Vegan Food
Source: LAStartups

Los Angeles is famous for its plethora of vegan options – a haven for all vegans. Made with great care and assured quality, Los Angeles’ vegan cuisine includes nuggets, ground “meat”, hot dogs, “chicken” cutlets, deli slices, burgers, sausages, cheeses and anything else you can imagine – all plant-based.

9. Hollenbeck Burrito

Hollenbeck Burrito
Source: Blogging.la

Hollenbeck Burrito is a perfect dish if you are a foodie. It is made by pork meat simmered in a red tomato, beans, guacamole, with the topping of rice and sauce of Chili Verde.

10. Red Velvet Froyo

Red Velvet Froyo
Source: Vittles and Bits

Red Velvet Froyo is one of the popular desserts in Los Angeles. It is made with vanilla paste, sugar, heavy cream, cocoa powder and of course, yoghurt. Red food colouring is used to give this gooey goodness its iconic rouge.

11. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Source: Food&Wine

Mexican Hot Chocolate is loved during the winters of Los Angeles. It is prepared with the ground chile, chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and salt. You must try this flavourful beverage when in town.

Rice Crispy Treat Cookie
Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

You must love the Rice Crispy Treat Cookie in Los Angeles if you are a food lover. It is made by heating marshmallows, sugar, and rice at 350 F and then stirring in a bowl. Butter and golden syrup are also added to this mixture to give it its sweet flavour.

13. Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup
Source: Bon Appetit

Matzo Ball Soup is a popular appetizer in the scenic city of Los Angeles. It is made by mixing in eggs and chicken broth fat in a bowl. Ginger, garlic, shallot, dill, lemon, zest, parsley, salt, and matzo meal are also added.

14. The Flaming Margarita

The Flaming Margarita
Source: Eater Los Angeles

The Flaming Margarita is a fun cocktail to try out in Los Angeles. You will feel amazed to see the blue flame over the surface of the drink. It is a very popular drink in Los Angeles, loved by both tourists and locals alike.

15. Ten Pound Pancakes

Ten Pound Pancakes
Source: Discover Los Angeles

Ten Pound Pancakes is one of the most delicious and decadent snacks in Los Angeles. The ingredients used in making this delicacy are flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, egg, and butter.

16. Plain Cake Donut

Plain Cake Donut
Source: The Kitchn

Plain Cake Donut is also one of the popular food in Los Angeles. It is made out of flour, egg, baking powder, sugar, salt, ground cinnamon, milk, and nutmeg. These treats taste best when just cooked and are also a creative canvas for a range of toppings.

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