Top 16 Dishes to try when you are in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China is a pioneer of modern architecture and renowned for its ancient relics such as the grand Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Top 16 Dishes to try when you are in Beijing

1. Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck

An authentic dish with an amazing thin and crispy layer, roast duck is Beijing’s best and most famous dish and the dish has become the national symbol of the country.

2. Jiaozi


A super yummy dish that is known by different names in different places around the world, Jiaozi are the Chinese Dumplings where, ground meat, chicken or vegetables are  wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough.

3. Jing Jiang Rousi

A traditional dish of Beijing, Jing Jiang Rousi is a dish with pork as its main ingredient and is served along with shredded leek and soya paste. It can also be consumed as a wrap.

4. Zhajiang Mian

 Zhajiang Mian

A popular and tasty dish of China is noodles and when its topped with soybean paste, it adds more flavour to the bland white noodles.

5. Mongolian Hotpot

Mongolian Hotpot

Also known as steamboat, Mongolian Hotpot is a very famous way of cooking in China. This dish is mainly made up of meat and it’s a wonderful experience to make a dish like this.

6. Donkey Burger

Donkey Burger

The specialty dish, which you will find mostly in Northeast of China. Donkey Burger is a type of sandwich that consists of ‘poopy’, i.e. donkey meat. You can find this dish in any local restaurant here.

7. Tudou Si

Tudou Si is Shredded Potato that is stir-fried along with different spices and schezwan. It’s spicy to eat, so better be careful while having this deliciously spicy dish.

8. Rolling Donkey

Rolling Donkey

Rolling Donkey is a sweet dish with ‘no’ donkey filling in it. It is a scrumptious dish made up of rice flour and filled with red bean paste or brown sugar paste. This dish got its name as Rolling Donkey because it looks like a donkey that rolls on the ground.

9. Tuckahoe Pie

Tuckahoe Pie is a traditional, pancake-like snack made with flour, sugar, and fuling (Poria), rolled around nuts and honey. This is one of the must-have dishes of Beijing.

10. Dragon’s beard candy

Dragon’s beard candy

Dragon’s beard candy is a type of floss or cotton candy which is very famous and loved by the people of Beijing. Dragon’s beard candy was a name given by a Chinese Emperor who thought that the candy looked like the beard of his dragon.

11. Nai Lao

Nai Lao

Nai Lao is a Beijing Yogurt made with boiled milk, sugar and two types of nuts mixed with raisins and rice wine. A jar of Nai Lao is more than enough to fill your tummy.

12. Zhì zi kǎoròu

 Zhì zi kǎoròu

Zhì zi kǎoròu is a Barbeque you must enjoy when here.

13. Yángròu cuān miàn

 Yángròu cuān miàn

You just can’t leave Beijing without tasting Yángròu cuān miàn, i.e., boiled noodles made with lamb. It’s a delectable dish that you cannot ignore.

14. Bean Soup

Bean Soup is a very healthy dish full of vitamins and rich in minerals and protein. It’s a vegetarian dish made with different types of beans.

15. Congee


Congee is a rice porridge found in Beijing, it’s very light and after having so much of heavy food and upset stomach, a bowl of Congee is good for the health.

16. Pancakes with Eggs

Pancakes with Eggs

What else do you want for breakfast, when you have Pancakes with Eggs. It’s a healthy and tasty breakfast in Beijing.

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