Lipsmacking Rajasthani Dishes You Must Try

Must Try

Being a land of Marwaris, Rajasthan has more of tasty vegetarian food than non-veg. Yes! ‘Tasty’ vegetarian food. Here, the main ingredients of every dish, ghee, and regional spices are the most important. Here are some dishes that one must try the next time they are in Rajasthan.

1. Bajre ki khichdi

Bajra or pearl millet flour, as called in English, is great for energy and fiber. Prepared with a lot of ghee, this dish tastes good even when you are sick. You can add sugar while eating to make it more appealing to the taste buds.

bajre ki khichdi
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2. Falli ka saag (gwar falli)

Made from cluster beans, with 5-6 spices. Usually, cluster beans are the only main ingredient but it is often cooked with different ingredients like potatoes.

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3. Ker Sangari ka saag

Ker and Sangri are two different ingredients that are used to make this Rajasthani delicacy. You may or may not use ‘ker’ which are a type of dried berries. Sangari is similar to what you will get after you dry some beans. Ker and sangari need to be soaked for 2-3 hours and then it won’t take more than 20-30 minutes to cook it.

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4. Lasan ki chutney

This is not a dish per se but is a kind of chutney that can be eaten with almost anything, even normal roti and it tastes great. As the name suggests, it is made from garlic added to different spices and ingredients.

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5. Daal, bati aur churma

Here, yellow daal is served with baati which is litti but without the stuffing of sattu and vegetables. Churma is made from wheat and the end result is a powdery sweet tasting dish. Yes, we Rajasthanis like to eat sweet things as well.

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6. Gatte ki sabzi

A dough is made from besan (gram flour) and round cylindrical shapes are cut from it after rolling it into thick strips. It can be eaten both with rice and roti.

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7. Manghori ka sabzi

For this dish, you will have to make manghori from scratch. First, soak small yellow lentils (moong dal), dry them and then make manghori from that. Or the simple way out is to just buy a pack from the market. Again, a lot of spices go into the making of this dish.

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8. Bajre ki roti

Even though the main ingredients are the same as bajra ki khichdi, the taste and way of eating are very different. Ghee is a very important ingredient in this dish too.

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9. Methi ki Lungi

Lungi is always sweet and yes it’s not a sweet dish but eaten with roti (bread). Methi ki Lungi, as the name suggests is made from methi (Fenugreek) with sugar. You might change your mind that Rajasthan only means spices.

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10. Dal ki roti/ paratha

Made from moong dal (mung bean/ green gram), this dish is tasty enough to eat without any sabzi. Although we don’t suggest you eat a lot of it.

Dal ki roti/ paratha
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11. Moth ki sabzi

This dish is probably one of the tastiest and healthiest on the list. It is made with moong or what’s known as sprouts in English with many spices. Dry or with gravy, both are great in taste.

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12. Kalmi vada

It is served as a snack or one can say as starters. Made with chana dal which has to be soaked for 4-5 hours, it has added spices which are easily available at home. This fried dish is served with green chutney and is just heavenly.

kalmi vada
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13. Mirchi Bada

Mirchi (chili) bara is a very spicy Indian snack with stuffing or mirchi and potato or cauliflower. This dish is deep-fried too and served with green chutney or tomato sauce. Caution – you might wanna keep something sweet with you. How about seera or churma?

mirchi bada
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14. Chandrakala

This round sweet dish’s outer layer is made from flour (maida) and the stuffing is made with different dry fruits and sugar. It is deep-fried and then again put into boiling sugar syrup added with cardamom powder and saffron. And lastly topped with finely chopped dry fruits.

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15. Rajasthani Kadhi and Chilli ki Kadhi

The simple yet tasty Rajasthani kadhi differs from Gujarati Kadhi on the basis that sugar is used in Gujarati Kadhi which gives it a sweet taste. It also differs from the kind made in UP. Rajasthani kadhi’s main ingredients are besan, dahi, water and a number of spices. One of its varieties is Chilla ki Kadhi. Here chilla or one can call it pancakes made from besan is cut into small pieces and soaked into the kadhi. Eaten with rice or roti, this dish like all other Rajasthani dishes is great in taste and healthy to eat.

Rajasthani Kadhi and Chilli ki Kadhi
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