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Indore offers a wide range of street foods and chats that can give foodgasm to anyone. Anybody who visits Indore for whatever reason, he/she is bound to get the awe the food of Indore. This city has a street that is a heaven for midnight munchers; food is served here all night. Well, here I am going to take you through the dishes that you must try whenever you visit Indore.



Poha is not just something you eat; it’s an emotion for the people in Indore. In other words, Poha is flattened rice sauteed with different spices and onions and it is served with a little bit of lemon juice on it. People love to top it with sev but that leads us to another thing you should try in Indore.



Sev is like a go-to snack for every Indorie. It is super crunchy as it is made from chickpea flour paste which is later on deep-fried and comes in different flavors like- basil, tomato, clove, sugar dipped, mint, etc. Sev is made in different cities of Madhya Pradesh but Indorie Sev has its own taste and a whole different fan base.



Ah! Here we have a “sugar syrup dipped” sweet for you. It is made of refined flour’s batter which is then fried in a coil-like looking shape and it tastes heavenly. It is served hot and mostly served with Poha. You can also eat it with hot milk ‘cause that is what Indorie’s do in winters mostly.

Dal Bati

dal bati

Dal Bati is a Rajasthani dish but in Indore people love is just as much as the Rajasthani’s do. Dal Bati is served with garlic chutney and some sweet churma. Sunday meal sorted!



Malpua is an Indian style pancake dipped in sugar syrup and served as a dessert. It is super rich in taste and so are the ingredients. Indore residents mostly eat it in winters but you can eat it whenever you want to and also you can top it with rabdi (another sweet dish).

Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte ka kees is made of grated corns and different kinds of spices go into it. Some like to add grated coconut on it and some just like it with a little bit of lemon juice. Try it once and you’ll love it forever.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada

This little dish refreshes your taste buds. The Vada is made of lentils, which is fried and then dunked into yogurt. It is topped with some spices and tamarind chutney. It tastes tangy and sweet all at once. Also, it is super soft and easy to bite into.

Kachori and Baked Samosa

Kachori  and Baked Samosa

Every city has Kachori and samosa with lentil fillings and potatoes but in Indore kachoris and samosas are served with different fillings as well. Like; cheese, cottage cheese, pasta, noodles, etc. The youngsters are crazy for these kinds of snacks.



Well, you might think of some lemony drink when you hear the word Shikanji but in Indore it has a whole different recipe. Yes, they do serve the lemon Shikanji but they also serve a Shikanji that is made of yogurt mixed with some sweet flavors and nuts. It is made in different flavors like- strawberry, litchi, mango, mint, kesar, etc.


Image credit: IndoreHD

Paan is basically “betel leaf” filled with different kind of mouth freshener that is usually eaten after having a meal or anytime you feel like it. But, in Indore paan is made out of different flavors like- chocolate, butterscotch, mint, ice paan (dipped in liquid nitrogen).

Indore has a lot more to offer but these are some of the main things that a one should try whenever they visit the city of foodies. Well, now it’s your chance to explore the food in Indore and let us know what you think!

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