7 Best Dishes of Bihar

The historically prosperous land of Bihar is popular for plenty of delicacies that show its culinary greatness. The tasty and different Bihari plates are capable of tingling every food expert’s flavour bud. Here is a list of special Bihari dishes that exist beyond the essential Sattu or Parval ki Mithai, which will make you crave more!

So, what are the best dishes of Bihar? Find out below.

1. Litti Chokha

Best Dishes of Bihar
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The lip-smacking flavour of Litti Chokha, tasted by one and all, requires no introduction. It is your greeting to the food of Bihar, in all its ghee-dripping glory. It comprises wheat and sattu with flavours stroked into round spicy balls, scooped in ghee. The composition of Litti along with the crunchy crust is nothing but a foodie’s joy.

Chokha is prepared by squashing steamed vegetables (most widespread being potatoes, brinjal, tomatoes), adding flavours and sliced onion, garlic, etc, and paired with Litti as a complimentary goody. Sattu or fried gram flour comprises a unique component of Bihari food and cookery. The sattu is varied with sauces and restored in wheat dough balls, tossed and simmered with ghee on a tasty plate to shape sattu paratha.

2. Naivedyam

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The outstanding Hanuman Mandir near Patna Railway Station is popular for its prasad, “Naivedyam.” The basic origins of Naivedyam can be traced back to the Tirupati Balaji Temple of Andhra Pradesh. It comprises besan or gram flour, sugar, cashew, raisin, green cardamoms, Kashmiri-saffron, and different dressings simmered in ghee and shaped into a ball shape. It is a different prasad, exclusive to Hanuman Mandir. The spiritual delicacy melts in your mouth putting you in ecstatic contentment.

3. Chandrakala

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Very identical to Gujia, Chandrakala is another lovely dessert for those with a sweet tooth. Packed with khoya, coconut, cardamom powder, and dry fruits in a crispy wrapping and dropped in sugar syrup, Chandrakala is from the conventional foods of Bihar that is sufficient to blow your minds!

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4. Chana Ghughni

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The spicy-tangy evening snack of Bihar. Incredibly popular yet equally flavorful, this mouth-watering dish is made in nearly every household of Bihar. Boiled chickpeas, fried with onion and flavours along with “chuda ka bhuja” (flattened rice). Prepare this as a perfect excuse to satisfy your cravings! Smoothened and cleaned gram is also utilized to make different salty snacks.

5. Khaja

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The next equally hot and flavorful food of Bihar, Khaja is thought to be a 2000-year-old preparation, similar to the Baklava of the Ottoman Empire. The crispy dessert is prepared from wheat flour, sugar, mawa, and then deep-fried in oil. This extraordinary dessert from Bihar is watery in composition yet melts in the mouth. Another variant is called Belgrami which is formulated from milk solid (a form of cheese), sugar, and ghee. It is small, sweet, and a popular sweetmeat from Udwantnagar, which is between Arrah and Buxar.

6. Mutton Kebabs

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Bihar is also popular for its flavorful non-vegetarian delights. Patna’s popular mutton kebabs have an equally rich and ancient origin. The flavours from a little shop in Kadamkua will fascinate, and like a magnet, you will reach to Magu. The shop owner’s grandfather was a cook in the British court. Magu’s Mutton kebabs are an interesting spectacle to your flavour buds.

7. Pedas

Although divided, Bihar and Jharkhand are two provinces that inhale and protect the same civilization. Pedas from Devghar, which is presently in Jharkhand, is an important part of the diet of Bihar. These states are residents of the community with one unanimous thread of lineage and notions. Every individual from Bihar carries Devghar very near to his heart; the spot carrying deep religious appreciation.

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