15 Indian Fusion Foods You Must Try Out!

Fusion foods are an amalgamation of two or more different sorts of food items to create another rather new dish. While classics are everything you need, a mixture of them never hurt anybody if done right. Some of them even taste better than the traditional ones, just saying!

15 Indian Fusion Foods You Must Try Out!

1. Indian Fondues

Source: Curly Tales

THESE ARE A THING, and we are so here for it. Indian fondues come in a variety now, like, Dal Makhani Fondue and Pav Bhaji Fondue. These are tiny cube-shaped pieces of Pav/Naan and Bhaji/Dal Makhani as the dip. You have to really swirl these pieces inside the dip to give you the perfect mouthwatering experience.

2. Butter Chicken Momos

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

This delicacy is the best of both worlds resulting in an even better product. They are so delectable that they will certainly have you long for more and more. They are filling enough to satiate your hunger and cravings, but the latter might always linger on you. Absolute must-have!

3. Butter Chicken Pizza

Source: Curly Tales

Can we all just agree that Butter Chicken is like potatoes; it goes with everything? Well, pizza and butter chicken go together quite beautifully. We absolutely love this combination and feel it should be declared the best invention by humans. Please, do not miss out on these.

4. Mac ‘N’ Cheese Fritters

Source: Louisiana Cookin

Who would have thought this could be real and. So yum? Monsoon is approaching, and this is definitely one thing we are going to binge on. They are best paired with spicy mayo and a hot cup of tea. Sounds heavenly!

5. Makhani Maggi

Source: Youtube

Maggi in itself is our all-time favourite snack but paired with the Makhani gravy? An absolute delight to have! It instantly gives our regular Maggi a blast of new flavours and makes it creamier. It adds a bit of Indian touch to it, making it a pretty impressive match.

6. Cheese Burst Dosa

Source: Curly Tales

We dearly love our Cheese Burst Pizzas, but the desi version of it might just be a little better. The dosa is filled with generous amounts of cheese before cooking, and it really pairs well with Sambar and Coconut chutney. This dish, right here, is amazingly delectable, and every bite of it would leave your mouth watery and your heart satisfied.

7. Naanza

Source: The Food Fanatic

This breaks down to Naan + Pizza, and it is perfect! I cannot think of one way you cannot top your pizza with, but they really got creative with this one. The infamous Indian flatbread is topped with cheese and other toppings, like a pizza. You don’t even need a dip with this; it is divine on its own.

8. Shahi Tukda Croquants

Source: Cubes N Juliennes

Shahi Tukda is an Indian dessert made with deep-fried bread topped with sweet, thickened milk and saffron. This particular combination features this dessert along with kesar ice cream on top, and it is drowned in loads of Kesar milk and nuts. This is one of the best desserts out there, and something all of you should definitely try.

9. Chocolate Golgappe

Source: LBB

Golgappe (or Panipuri, Puchkas) are deep-fried crisps with a filling of chickpeas and potatoes with herbs dipped in sweet tamarind sauce and green chilli water. Now, unlike the classic ones that we had all our childhood, these are deep-fried chips covered in chocolate with sprinkles and dipped in chocolate sauces. Sounds too sweet? It isn’t. It tastes like a dream, trust us.

10. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Source: Carve Your Cravings

Last but definitely not least, the best of two desserts coexisting together in the beautiful form of Gulab Jamun Cheesecake. This is your basic cheesecake filled with pieces of Gulab Jamun drizzled with caramel sauce on it. It makes the ultimate fusion dessert you will ever taste. Neither of the two foods overpowers each other’s flavours, and you can actually enjoy both of them at the same time.

11. Motichoor Laddoo Shake

Source: Cooktube

A match made in heaven, indeed. It is one of the few fusion drinks that actually make sense. This features Motichoor Laddoo blended with milk and ice cream. The shake is thick and creamy and has the perfect amount of all the sweet flavours that you look for in a shake. Something you MUST have!

12. Indian Lasagna

Source: Carve Your Cravings

Just like your fondues, they come in a variety of flavours ranging from Butter Chicken Lasagnas to Dal Makhani or Shahi Paneer Lasagna. They are stuffed with veggies, gravy, and sometimes cheese! This is one of the most creative and delicious dishes we have come across and fell in love with it instantly.

13. Tandoori Chicken Sushi

Source: TripAdvisor

If you are not into Asian food because the flavours can be a little on the softer, subtle side and very unconventional to the Indian cuisine but want to try your hand at sushi, trust with this one. It comes with charred, aromatic tandoori flavour blended flawlessly with your traditional sushi served with Wassabi and Soy sauce.

This is also a perfect fit if you want to expand your palate and experiment. We assure you cannot go wrong with this one.

14. Manchurian Samosas

Source: The Week

Stuffed with scrumptious Manchurian balls inside a patty before deep-frying it, this is a perfect snack to have with your evening chai or as it is. It is often too spicy and gives an amazing boost of flavor to your traditional potato-filled samosas. Talk about can’t miss!

15. Chicken Khichdi

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

You heard us! It takes your otherwise boring khichdi to another level where it is too delectable not to have. It is your basic khichdi made with lentils seasoned with Indian herbs and spices and topped with chicken keema to give it an instant boost. If you’re a non-vegetarian, this is your delight.

While there are a million possible fusion foods in this world, we shared our top 15 Indian fusion dishes on our must-have list. How many have you tried so far?

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