14 Street Food you must try out in Indore

Talking of the street food in India, if there is one city that leaves everyone speechless with its variety, tastes, and usage of spices, its Indore. The city is like a heaven for the foodies wishing to explore the varied Indian food items. “City of Foodies”, this name has been given to Indore because of its flavours, its variety of chaats and the wide range of street foods that is enough for a foodgasm for anyone.

14 Street Food you must try out in Indore

1. Poha-Jalebi

A common breakfast item in the city, poha-jalebi is a spectacular combination of the spicy and tangy poha with the sweet jalebi. This delicious and healthy street food is the best way to start your day when in Indore. Steamed to perfection and topped with the everyday Indori sev, a sprinkle of coriander and a dash of lemon you wouldn’t be able to stop at one serve.

2. Moong Bhajiya

Lentils balls are deep fried and served with fried chillies and green chutney.
You cannot go to Indore and come back without having tasted the delicious moong bhajiyas ! They are always served fresh and piping hot, which adds to their wonderful taste. 

3. Khopra Patties

A version of the traditional aloo patties or aloo tikki, the khopra patties are aloo tikkis stuffed with grated coconut , a real favorite of the region. Deep fried to golden shade, these khopra patties are thoroughly liked in the city. The khopra patties are served with a tangy chutney on the side.

4. Bhutte Ki Kees

We bet you’d never have had this variant of the corn anywhere else in the country. Another Indore speciality food, the bhutte ki kees is essentially boiled and grated corns with a tadka of heeng, saunf, green chillies and elaichi , topped with some spices, a pinch of lemon and grated coconut.

5. Dal Bafla

Created by baking together wheat, curd, and spices, dal bafla is more like the famous Rajasthani dish, dal baati. Before baking it in the oven, these round balls are immersed in water and boiled. These balls are baked till crispy.

6. Jaleba

Going by the name jaleba ,as the name jalebi does not do justice to its size , this dish is savored both as a meal and as a dessert. It will be impossible to look at food for the next 12 hours. So do yourself a favour and save this for the end of your Sarafa journey.

7. Benjo / Hot Dog

Johnny Hotdogs has been youth favorite for over 20 years and is the only non-vegetarian outlet in Chappan Dukan. Their famous egg benjo is a spicy masala omelette sandwiched between a soft, doughy bun, fried in butter or oil and served with coriander chutney, watery ketchup and onions. The Egg benjo can be upgraded to a Egg Mutton benjo, and yes there is a Veg hotdog on the menu too.

8. Garadu

In winter, visit a roadside vendor selling Garadu , an Indori speciality of small cubes of yam that have been fried and sprinkled with spices to make a delicious crispy chaat. The touch of the lime to this street food makes it furthermore alluring for the locals and tourists alike. 

9. Mawa Baati

Mawa Baati is one of the most delicious sweets of Indore. It is just like a large gulab jamun , filled with lots and lots of crispy and rich nuts. You can taste the Mawa Baati at any of the stalls along Chappan Dukan.

10. Dahi Bada

Begin your binge at Joshi Dahi Bada House, in Sarafa , a shop located at the start of the street if you enter from the Imambara side. Mr. Joshi. Cheers the crowd, as he flings the dahi bada in the air and then sprinkles it with multiple masalas in one single pinch.

11. Namkeen

If you are in Indore, don’t forget to get some Indori Namkeen packed for yourself . With a large variety of namkeens offered , you can choose to sample the namkeen before you buy. You can choose from Mathri, Chikkis, Indori Sev , Aloo Bhujia , and other amazing namkeens. The runaway hits are the Ratlami sev and Khatta-Meetha mixture.

12. Shikanji

Don’t get confused by the name, this is not a cool lemon drink to wash down all that chaat you’ve eaten at Chappan dukan or Sarafa Bazar. This thick milky variant is a mini-meal in itself. Rich in texture and somewhere between a rabdi and lassi in taste, the Shikanji glass is garnished with heaps of dry-fruit.

13. Masala Doodh

The exciting flavour of milk,dry fruits and other spices is an amazing combination that all comes together in a delightful drink commonly known as Masala Doodh. Spices and nuts are used to make this traditional Indian drink that consist of power-packed ingredients like cashews, almonds, cardamom and Kesar to name a few. 

14. Paan

A mouth freshener, this is the main role we feel a paan has, but here in Indore, you will find lots of flavours including chocolate, butterscotch, ice paan, Fire Paan etc.

If you are a foodie, you would definitely enjoy these yummy street foods and if you are not you will definitely become a foodie once you visit this City of Foodies .Make sure to try these at your next visit to Indore.

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