12 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Pulling You Should Know

India is known for its ayurvedic practices that have run for ages, and people continue to imbibe those practices to attain a healthier and sound body and lifestyle. Oil pulling is an ancient technique that proves how your tongue is connected to the rest of your body and can do wonders if inculcated in daily life.

Here are the 12 amazing benefits of oil pulling!

1. Oral care

Oil pulling is known to pull out bad bacteria from the mouth that are roaming freely into the body and aggravating health issues. This method can help prevent any threat from entering your system and causing disruptions.

2. Correct bowel movements.

Oil pulling is the best method to eliminate all bowel issues as this activity cleanses the intestine deeply, and bowel movements are corrected. This method has been certified by renowned practitioners who believe it to be a detox technique for a healthier body.

3. Improves breath.

The ancient practice of oil pulling has been used by many people who believe this mind-blowing technique improves breath and cuts out the bacteria that cause a foul smell from the mouth.

4. Prevents cavities.

If you have a sweet tooth and cannot control your sugar cravings, especially at night, it can lead to cavities. Using this technique, you can prevent cavities and improve the gum health of your oral system.

5. Affordable and easy

Not every one of us can afford to get monthly or weekly dental cleaning appointments as they are expensive and can be a fuss too, which is why oil pulling comes in handy and is a very affordable daily exercise that has amazing benefits.

6. Prevents teeth yellowing.

This powerful method has been used widely in South Asian nations to gain a sound and healthy body. It helps to prevent teeth from yellowing and brings out the natural whiteness of your teeth.

7. Strengthens digestive system.

Gut health can be compromised due to excessive junk food and irregular or binge eating; you can alter the bad components in your body using this wonderful oil-pulling method.

8. Use ghee or coconut oil.

The oil-pulling method should be done with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil or ghee, known for some great health benefits and easy on the gut.

9. Promotes mental health.

Daily practice of oil pulling can freshen, strengthen, and stimulate the mind and senses. This popular technique has been known for ages for its spectacular health benefits.

10. Heal’s gingivitis.

Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes gum bleeding, swelling, and redness. Regular oil pulling can heal the gum quickly and improve gum health.

11. Improves dry, flaky skin.

Oil pulling has improved dry and flaky skin, especially during winter. It maintains a healthy skin barrier and gives smooth, lustrous skin.

12. Detoxifies the body.

No celery juice or detox tea can help unless the microbes in your gut are detoxed and healthy, which is only possible when they are deeply cleansed, and good bacteria are passed onto the system. Oil pulling is a method to cleanse your system and boost your immunity.

The correct method of oil pulling is mentioned below:

  1. Take coconut oil, sesame oil, or ghee in a spoon.
  2. Start swishing it around for at least 5-10 minutes in all directions.
  3. Spit it in a paper bag or a plastic bag.
  4. Do it before your oral routine.
  5. After oil pulling, do your normal oral routine.
  6. Don’t eat anything for at least 30 minutes after the oil pulling.
  7. Do it regularly for quick results and attain a healthier self quickly.


Dental health is often overlooked; a small issue can majorly impact your overall health and body. I hope you gained thorough knowledge about the importance of oil pulling and will consider including this ritual in your routine too.

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