10 Vegetarian Lip-Smacking Dishes From Edible Flowers

The floral magic can alter any dish making them aesthetically appealing along with that extremely delectable and aromatic taste. The vibrant colors of many edible flowers from Zucchini flowers to Violets give a dish the sweetness and nutrition required. Edible flowers have been used in several dishes for the properties they possess. While moving further, some of the lip-smacking dishes that will make you want to try, here is a piece of advice to give.

Edible flowers need to be selected, and there should be precautions kept to know whether or not the flowers have been treated with pesticides. If flowers are selected from a house nursery, then the precaution should be kept that the flowers are picked before the sun rays, intensified to preserve the essential oils in them. Wildflowers need to be avoided as there is an array of poisonous flowers that might be unknown. Once you have made your selection, the secret culinary technique for the usage of these enchanting flowers is in their quantity used to enhance the taste of the dish.

Rose, Apple Blossom, Dandelions, Lilac, Tulip, Hibiscus and a huge list of edible flowers are sure to lure your eyes and leave their mark with an unforgettable taste, so here are some lip-smacking dishes to try at least once.

1. Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
Source- Sanpellegrino

The zucchini flowers packed with benefits like potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, etc. are common in any Italian household. These flowers are capable of enhancing the sensory experience of taste buds with their flavor tasting like squash and a complimenting velvety texture. These flowers in the best way could be eaten by stuffing them with a combination of Ricotta cheese and Parmesan cheese with a blend of herbs or grated nutmeg.

The petals are delicately sealed and fried to obtain a delicate golden layer which is crispy and blends very well with the unique flavor of the flower and the stuffing. Some recipes make use of egg as batter, so for vegetarians precautions should be kept.

2. Gulab Pak

Gulab Pak
Source- Meri Saheli

Gulab Pak is a beautiful and delicious dish from India. Gulab Pak, as the name suggests, is made of heirloom roses, delicately forming into a scrumptious dessert. The peculiarity of heirloom flowers could be enlisted as disease-free, big full bloom, luring fragrance which come from the old gardens. These species of roses are the first of the kind before the modern roses got introduced, and possess delicate petals with sweet fragrance and taste.

Gulab Pak makes a perfect treat for all the sweet tooth foodies by combining heirloom rose petals with grated mawa. The mixture grows in taste with the perfect addition of pure rose water also, and the best thing is that it can be stored for a longer time. The dessert can be seasoned with green cardamom powder to emerge the traditional taste of the sweet.

3. Chive Flower Flatbread

Chive Flower Flatbread
Source- The Woks Of Life

Chive flowers having a very strong flavor when munched upon emerge as a perfect dish when topped on flatbread. The drool-worthy dish creates its alchemy of various onion flavors with each bite. The dough of flatbread when sparkled with scallions, red onions, chive flowers, and a hint of black pepper, is capable of creating a blast of flavors. The pretty purple chive flowers garnished over the dough and frizzled in the oven along with red onions and scallions give a mellow taste combined with an intense taste of caramelized onions.

4. Medley Of Vegetables, Flowers, And Herbs

Medley Of Vegetables, Flowers, And Herbs
Source- Land O Lakes

The dishes involving a medley of various elements make us witness that food is far beyond just boiling or mixing with ingredients that complement each other. The diverse nature of flowers could be the key element of this dish combining it with various vegetables and herbs. This dish has the highest space of creativity and presentation, according to the chefs.

Some of the ideas for preparing this dish could be radishes, baby carrots, yellow zucchini, cauliflower, baby sweet corn, coral lettuce, and baby spinach leaves for the vegetable section. The edible flowers that could be included would be Viola, Snapdragons and all the other flowers soothing your taste buds. The dish emerges with awe-inspiring vibrant colors and having different taste with every bite.

5. Stinging Nettle Pasta

Stinging Nettle Pasta
Source- Hunter. Angler. Gardener. Cook

This pretty looking dish has a very authentic taste of pasta blending in a very delectable way with the delicate Stinging Nettles. The dish enhances with taste with the addition of thyme, parsley, and viola giving the dish a sweet and perfumed flavor. The dish gets a creamy texture from the melted Parmesan cheese enhancing the whole experience.

6. Edible Flower Canapés

 Edible Flower Canapes
Source- iStock

Edible flowers along with a paste and seasoning would be the best pick for toppings of canapés. Canapés, a versatile dish in itself can give a great scope for varied tastes and vibrant colors by differing toppings. The dish prepared in a dainty way can place a variety of flowers over the small bites melting into the mouth giving a sapid taste of the flowers.

Some of the ideas for toppings would be avocado cream or any other cream cheese going with the delicate petals of the flowers when munched upon. The toasts can be adorned more elegantly with leaves along with flowers giving more flavors with each bite also. The petals of flowers like Nasturtiums, Wild Pansies, Calendula, and Violas can be used for an array of toppings and can be combined with herb leaves like fennel, dill, and chervil. These flowers having peculiar flavors, giving a natural taste when topped, more than being cooked, and are a treat when combined with leaves and other toppings.

7. Tacos De Jamaica

Tacos De Jamaica
Source- Taco Guy

Tacos De Jamaica or Hibiscus Flower Tacos are delightful bites from the Mexican cuisine. The vegan tacos are made by preparing already used Hibiscus flowers for tea and cooked with onions. The Hibiscus flowers develop a very crunchy layer and taste pleasant sealed in between tacos. The dish gets its peculiar flavor with the addition of creamy Guacamole and spicy Jalapenos. The dish could be enjoyed with the refreshing Hibiscus tea, which is packed with a lot of health benefits.

8. Strawberry And Pansy Tart

 Strawberry And Pansy Tart
Source- Pinterest

This lovely looking dish goes best with summer meals and emits the sweet fragrance of Violas and Pansies. The crust of the tart is made from a mixture of oat flour, cashew nuts, and coconut flour. The crust is filled in a dainty way that has a blend of coconut yogurt, almond milk, strawberry puree and cashew nuts frozen to perfection. The dish gets additional sweetness with the introduction of pansies and violas over the tart and is eaten cold as soon as it comes out of the refrigerator. The dish can act as a perfect side dish during tea time.

9. Primavera Tulips

 Primavera Tulips
Source- Great British Chefs

This delectable spring or summer starter is capable of taking your senses away with the mix of pepper and bean-like taste with a tinge of sweetness like lettuce, of organic Tulips. The chewy texture of organic Tulips gets a whacky taste with the filling and steamed to perfection, making it a perfect starter. The hard cheese and spring onions give the peculiar taste that the dish possesses.

10. Peas, Fava Beans, And Herbal Flowers With Lemon Ricotta Cream

Peas, Fava Beans, And Herbal Flowers With Lemon Ricotta Cream
Source- Honest Cooking

This dish contains every element of spring from freshness to color. It effectively blanches the green vegetables in the dish and places them over the creamy bed of Ricotta cream. The combination gets its sour flavor from lemon juice and zest over the crispy veggies. The minty and peppery taste of Sage blossom and the onion-garlic taste of Chive blossom just add life to the dish. The dish is too small in size, but with each bite, one can get the feeling that there is way too much drama happening and various flavors are bursting in the mouth.

So, let these flowers sprinkle some magic with their floral vibes and lit up some of the dishes and maybe your life!

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